Wedding Photojournalism

Photojournalism is more than the style of a photograph. It’s a way of working without stage-managing or setting up a situation. It’s about observation. It’s done by letting events flow in their natural direction, being ready for and finding the defining moments and relationships within the day.

When a collection of images is made in this fashion you have a story. Unique, elegant, and distinctly your own – this story is something to enjoy and remember for the rest of your days, and to pass on to the next generation. Don’t worry, awesome portraits and family formals are all a part of that.

I’ve been a full-time photojournalist for over 20 years. My photographs have appeared in major newspapers and magazines around the world. The methods that I’ve practiced and skills that I’ve honed through this experience let me give my wedding clients a compelling photo documentary of the day they join together in marriage.

Portraits and formal family photos are really the only time of the day where I provide direction. The rest of the time is spent photographing the day as it unfolds. My clients often tell me that they’re surprised by the final images. This is because they didn’t realize that many of the photos were being taken. That’s the essence of what I’m after: Real moments, real emotions, real interactions. The stuff that makes your story yours.

A couple dances at their wedding reception at the famous Cafe Milano in GeorgetownWedding Day Coverage

With two collections you can choose the coverage that you need:

Single photographer coverage is 6 hours and is perfect for small-to-medium sized weddings that take place in one location.

Two photographer coverage includes Joe for 9 hours and is a great fit for medium-to-larger sized weddings. Experience shows that this covers the day from getting ready through all of your key reception events – including at least an hour of dancing. A second professional photographer for 7 hours gives you additional angles and coverage of wedding day events.

Both collections include the full-resolution image files. You can download them from a private online gallery that you can also share with your friends and family. A 1-hour mini engagement portrait session is included as a no-cost option for couples who desire one. It’s a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera. I love them because it helps me to get to know you better!

Single Photographer Coverage – $3300

  • 6 hours wedding day coverage by Joe – great for smaller weddings, especially those that take place in one location
  • Digital download of edited, full-resolution image files and rights to print
  • Private online gallery
  • Complimentary 1-hour engagement portrait session

Two Photographer Coverage – $4300

  • 9 hours wedding coverage by Joe – coverage from getting ready through dancing and activities at the reception
  • 7 hours coverage by a second professional photographer – additional angles and coverage of events
  • Digital download of edited, full-resolution image files and rights to print
  • Private online gallery
  • Complimentary 1-hour engagement portrait session

À la Carte Products

  • Additional Hourly Coverage: $350 per hour
  • Extended engagement portrait session of up to 3 hours. 2 locations and different outfits: $1000
  • 12×8 signing book with 20 photos from your engagement session: $600
  • 16×24 Framed archival fine-art print: $550


Fine Art Main Albums

A custom-designed album is the ultimate way to enjoy the photos from your wedding day. An album is an investment that will not only provide you with a lifetime of memories of that first first day together, it will become a family heirloom. Here are some examples of albums I’ve done for other clients.

Fine Art albums come in 2 sizes: 10×10 and 12×12 with pages featuring real photo prints beautifully rendered and seamless so that full panoramic images can be showcased. You’ll have your choice of high-quality leather, silk and linen album cover materials.


10×10 album (15 2-page spreads) – $1400

Additional 2-page spreads – $50/ea.

12×12 album (15 2-page spreads) – $1900

Additional 2-page spreads – $75/ea.

Parents Albums

Feature the same beautiful printing as the main albums and are 8×8 or 10×10 in size. Cover choices include leather, silk, and linen.

The parent’s album can either be a replica of the main album or your parents can choose 40 of their favorite images and the book will be designed with 1 image on each page.


8×8       parents album $650/ea.

10×10  parents album $800/ea.

You can also add the following popular album collections to the coverage options above:

Album Collection 1

10×10 Fine Art album with 15 2-page spreads – $1400

Value: $1400

Investment: $1190 (save $210)


Album Collection 2

10×10 Fine Art album with 15 2-page spreads: $1400

2 8×8 Parents albums – $650/each: $1300

(choice of same design as main album or parent’s favorite 40 images)

Value: $2700

Investment: $2160 (save $540)


Album Collection 3

12×12 Fine Art album with 15 2-page spreads: $1900

Base album of 10 2-page spreads + 10 extra 2-page spreads

2 8×8 Parents albums at $650/each: $1300

(choice of same design as main album or parent’s favorite 40 images)

Framed 16×24 print: $550

Gift: Slideshow download: $250

Value: $4000

Investment: $2813 (save $1188)


prices do not include 7% sales tax