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"The most elegant news photographer that I've ever met." - best-selling author Bill Bryson

OK, so I photographed Bill Bryson and he really said that to me.  But I had a nice suit on and, well, news photographers aren't usually the sharpest dressed folks out there.  Who am I to turn down a compliment, though?

For many years I was a staff photojournalist at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  What a terrific profession newspaper photography is! I loved the variety, the hustle and grittiness of newspaper work. There’s probably no better way to get to know a community and the people in it.

A funny thing happened a few years ago - I found that the rush that comes along with photographing a big news event is very similar to the feeling I get when covering a wedding. All the same elements are there - characters, personality, feelings and emotions, drama - and they’re all wrapped up in a great story.  Photographing a wedding is such a wonderful and fulfilling thing - I love it!  Even better is making my clients happy by delivering a collection of photographs that are so meaningful and special to them.  Hugs and tears are encouraged:)

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Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Photojournalism is more than the style of a photograph. It’s a way of working without stage-managing or setting up a situation. It’s about observation. It’s done by letting events flow in their natural direction, being ready for and finding the defining moments and relationships within the day.

When a collection of images is made in this fashion you have a story. Unique, elegant, and distinctly your own – this story is something to enjoy and remember for the rest of your days, and to pass on to the next generation.

I’ve been a full-time photojournalist for over 20 years. My photographs have appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world. The methods that I’ve practiced and skills that I’ve honed through this experience let me give my wedding clients a compelling photo documentary of the day they join together in marriage.

Portraits and formal family photos are really the only time of the day where I provide direction. The rest of the time is spent photographing the day as it unfolds. My clients often tell me that they’re surprised by the final images. This is because they didn’t realize that many of the photos were being taken. That’s the essence of what I’m after: Real moments, real emotions, real interactions. The stuff that makes your story yours.