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In the course of a career of over 20 years as an editorial photographer I’ve learned a lot of things, like how to deliver compelling images on a deadline. I know how to be adaptable when operating in many different, and sometimes difficult situations. These situations can be emotionally charged, physically demanding, and occasionally dangerous. They can also be filled with grace, humor, and joy.

The main thing I’ve learned is how to tell a story through photographs. Experience has taught me how to respect the dignity of subjects while staying faithful to pursuit of the truth in their stories.

Below are a few galleries of photos I’ve made over the span of my career working for newspapers, magazines, non-profit organizations, and corporations. Whether you’re looking for executive portraits, images for an advertising campaign, or photos that show people what your business is about my experience and approach ensures that you’ll get what you need on time. Here’s a link to more examples of my commercial and editorial work.

You can contact me by phone at 412-999-7363, email at joe@joeappelphotography.com, or by filling out the contact form.


Photo Story: Haiti

In an effort to reach out to those without access to healthcare, Pittsburgh-area medical professionals teamed up with a local church to raise funds for a clinic in rural Haiti. The medical professionals and volunteers persevered despite the daunting logistical challenges involved with traveling and bringing supplies to the clinic. Their efforts were a testament to the power of compassion and kindness.

Editorial Singles

A gallery of images produced for various publications including the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, where I worked as a staff photojournalist. 

Assignment: Farm Kings

The Kings in Butler County operate a family farm in Butler County. They’re also the subjects of a popular reality television show. These photos are from a story that I photographed for The Washington Post.

Ebenezer Baptist Church Fire

An award-winning news photo story from the blaze that destroyed the landmark Ebenezer Baptist Church in the Hill District of Pittsburgh. Two firefighters were killed and others injured when the church’s 118-foot bell tower collapsed on them. Firefighters from across the nation participated in the funeral service for the two firefighters.

Photo Essay: Water

Water is our most precious natural resource. Its presence and abundance has shaped the history of Pittsburgh. It’s brought commerce, prosperity, and recreational opportunities. This photo essay explores our relationship with water and the challenges that we face from the legacies of industry, mining, and aging infrastructure that allows wastewater to be mixed with stormwater.

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