Armstrong Farms Weddings

Armstrong Farms Weddings are always a relaxed and fun time in southern Butler County, just north of Pittsburgh. Featuring two farms dating back to the 1800’s, couples can stay in the farmhouses and party with their guests in the rustic chic of the fully-restored barns.

A red-headed couple embrace in a field of high grass. The sunlight rims them as the grass glows golden. Armstrong Farms Weddings

A Comfortable Place To Get Ready

The Bonnie House at Westminster Preserve is a great place for getting dressed before the wedding.

A bride reaches over to pet her dog as she sits on a bed. A bridesmaid kneels on the floor fastening the straps on the bride's shoes. Armstrong Farms Weddings

You and your girls have the run of the farmhouse.

A group of three bridesmaids admire a bride who stands facing them. Armstrong Farms Weddings

It really is a relaxing place!

A corgi lays sleeping on a rainy porch as a woman laughs while looking at the dog on her way into a house. Armstrong Farms Weddings

Westminster Preserve

The barn at Westminster Preserve accommodates up to 160 guests and features a porch on two sides.

sunflowers and twinkle lights accent the white tablecloth covered interior of a barn set up for an Armstrong Farms Weddings

Getting ready onsite is the number one way to relieve stress on a wedding day. This is especially true if you have your hair and makeup professionals come to you.

a bride applies lipstick while looking at herself in a compact. Another woman is reflected in the mirror behind her. Armstrong Farms Weddings

Southern Butler County is a rural oasis just north of Pittsburgh.

A hot air balloon floats in the blue sky high above a red-roofed barn. Armstrong Farms Weddings

A Gorgeous Spot in the Country

The light always seems to be beautiful in the summertime.

Warm sunlight envelopes a couple as they stand facing each other in an embrace. The bride laughs. Armstrong Farms Weddings


The climate-controlled barn at Fieldstone dates to the 1800’s and can accommodate 160 guests on two levels. There is room for indoor and outdoor seating.

A couple is married in the foreground as a red-roofed two story barn stands behind them. Armstrong Farms Weddings

The lawns are expansive. There’s plenty of room for you and your guests that you’d have a hard time finding in the city.

two young girls hold hands as they walk through a field while carrying flowers. Armstrong Farms WeddingsA bride looks back at her groom as she leads him across the top of a hill with blue twilight skies behind them. Armstrong Farms Weddings

Indoor Ceremony

Ceremonies can be moved indoors when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Armstrong Farms Weddings A bride and groom smile at each other as they are presented to their guests at the end of their wedding ceremony. They are standing in a barn with sunlight shining through the boards behind them.

Ceremonies Beneath the Blue Skies

But when the weather is sunny, it’s really nice.

white clouds drift through the sky as a couple are married in front of a pond in the middle of a field. Armstrong Farms WeddingsA bride and groom laugh while holding hands as they exchange vows. The backdrop is a pavilion on the edge of a pond. The bridal party stands on either side of the bride and groom. Armstrong Farms Weddings

Guests can enjoy activities like lawn games – and fishing!

A smiling blond woman wearing a dark blue dress holds a fish that she caught from the pond behind her. Armstrong Farms WeddingsThe letters K and P with a heart between them and an arrow through all of it is a topper on a pie seen in silhouette. Armstrong Farms WeddingsA brown haired bride smiles as she looks up at her groom while exchanging wedding vows. Armstrong Farms WeddingsA bride and groom hold hands on a rain-soaked gravel road. Armstrong Farms Weddings

The Love Cottage at Westminster Preserve offers a second spot for getting ready, or a few moments alone.

A bride smiles as her groom embraces her from behind and kisses her on the cheek in the doorway of a house called "The Love Cottage" Armstrong Farms Weddings

Wedding cake is better eaten than worn!

A bride and groom smash wedding cake into each other's faces. Armstrong Farms Weddings

After dinner portraits are great when there’s a golden sunset in the fields.

A silhouette of a bride and groom against the sunset at the top of a hill. Armstrong Farms WeddingsA bride smiles as her groom looks at her while they stand against a wooden wall outside of a barn. Armstrong Farms WeddingsWith deep orange sunset behind them a groom hugs his bride tightly and kisses her on the forehead. The bride grins. Armstrong Farms Weddings

The interior of Fieldstone features a dance floor upstairs along with a built-in bar.

A bride and groom hold hands as they walk to the dance floor surrounded by applauding guests. Armstrong Farms Weddings

So there you have it: Privacy, convenience, beauty and fun all in one place!

Armstrong Farms Westminster Preserve seen at twilight. Armstrong Farms Weddings


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