Pittsburgh Golf Club Weddings

Pittsburgh Golf Club Weddings: Located at the edge of the Bob O’Connor Golf Course at Schenley Park, the Pittsburgh Golf Club is a historic venue located in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The club dates from the gilded era of the late 1800’s and maintains its elegance and charm to this day. It’s a wonderful venue for weddings with plenty of space for dining, dancing, and cocktails.

A bride in a white dress stands facing her groom wearing a dark blue suit, brown shoes, and a bow tie. There is a green and white mansion behind them with a hedgerow between them. The skies are blue with dark, puffy clouds. An American flag flies in the upper right part of the frame. Pittsburgh Golf Club Weddings.

An Elegant Space to Get Ready

Brides can get ready in the spacious upstairs Board Room.

a brides mother cries when she sees her daughter in her wedding dress

Ample natural light from the large windows make for a comfortable and welcoming environment.

a woman fastens a gold and silver necklace on the bride

While the girls remain out of sight upstairs, the guys can hang out indoors or outside.

two groomsmen laugh and adjust their red bowties

The light in the Board Room is marvelous.

a bride smiles and stands in front of an illuminated window in her wedding dressa bride laughs with her bridesmaids in a green rooma brunette bride in a strapless wedding dress with a flowing veil

Guys can have a drink in the men’s locker room.

groomsmen laugh and drink at a table in a locker room

An Historic Gem in Squirrel Hill

Dating from the early 1900’s, the PGC is located just off of Forbes Avenue.

a sign for the pittsburgh golf club next to the exterior of the building

A versatile space, the club can seat up to 230 in the Main Living Room and 100 in the Main Dining Room.

white tables with orange and purple flowers

A balcony surrounds the Main Living Room, set for a wedding. Cocktail hour can be held downstairs in the Grill Room with its dark wood trim and cozy atmosphere.

pink place cards in a dining room with chandeliersbrown chairs with lanterns and an altar in a white room

It wouldn’t be a Pittsburgh wedding without a cookie table. The Pittsburgh Room is the perfect place for cookies and coffee.

a white cookie table with assorted baked goodsplace cards in a white room decorated with pink and white roseswhite dining tables with pink and purple flowers

The Grill Room is ideal for more intimate weddings.

a white and gold dining room with white bush centerpieces

First Looks

A couple has their “first look” on the balcony above the Main Living Room.

a bride and groom stand on a balcony with white fairy lights and chandeliers

Another couple has their “first look” in the Lattice Room.

a bride touches her grooms back as they stand in a green and white rooma bride with a large diamond wedding ring holds her grooms hand

The atmosphere is light and airy.

a bride and groom embrace in a green room and smile at each other


Waiting in the main hallway for the wedding to begin. The three floors of the club house are accessible via an elevator as well.

bridesmaids and family smile at the bride in her wedding dress

The Main Living Room is a wonderful place for a wedding ceremony. Many Pittsburgh Golf Club weddings take place here.

guests smile as a brides parents walk her down the aisle

The room can be configured so that the ceremony takes place in front of the massive working fireplace.

a bride and groom stand under their birchwood chuppaha rabbi blesses the bride and groomguests watch as a brides parents walk her down the aislea groom wearing a green tie smiles at his bridea bride and groom stand under their chuppah with their familya bride and groom smile and embrace

a bride holds her grooms hand as he steps on a handkerchiefa bride and groom stand under their chuppah in a room illuminated with fairy lights during their Pittsburgh Golf Club Weddings

The Grill Room

Rich wood and warm tones make the Grill Room a great spot for cocktails.

boys stand together and play a board gamethree men sit on a red couch and drink alcohol

Elegance from another era extends into modern times with a reception dinner in the Grill Room.

a bride and groom sit at the dinner table and smile as their family gives toasts during their Pittsburgh Golf Club Weddingsa groom puts his arm around the bridea mans hands flip the pages of the booka bride and groom kiss in front of a brown wooden wallboys color at the dinner table while adult guests sit around them

A Golf Course for a Front Lawn

For photos you only need to step out on to the front lawn, which is the well-tended Bob O’Connor golf course. The light always seems to be perfect out there.

sunlight hits a bride and groom standing in a fielda bride and groom stand in a green field togethera groom in a blue suit stands on a white porch with his bridea bride and groom smile and embrace in a meadowa bride in a fur parka stands with her groom in front of the pittsburgh golf cluba bride and groom hold hands on a golf course


When it’s time for dancing to begin, the Main Living Room has ample space for all of your guests.

guests applaud a bride and groom as they enter their reception

While the balcony provides a birds-eye view of the fun.

guests watch a bride and groom dance under a chandeliera bride and groom sing and dance while guests watcha bride and groom hold hands and laugh as they are lifted on chairs during their Pittsburgh Golf Club Weddingsa bride laughs and leads her guests in a dancea bride and two women laugh and dance

Everyone has a great time, whether there’s a band or a DJ. There’s lots of space for either, along with a photo booth.

two men in red and blue ties yell and danceguests applaud a bride and groom as they kiss and dancea man with a green tie wrapped around his head dances with the grooma man with a beer sings and puts his fist in the airguests hold hands with with the bride and groom and dancea bride and groom hold hands and smile with the moon behind them

Contact info:

Karen Bertram, Director of Events, 412-621-4530 extension 116

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