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Phipps Conservatory Weddings: Here in Pittsburgh we’re fortunate to have many historic venues that have modernized and kept up with the times making them as much a part of the fabric of the community as when they were first constructed. Phipps Conservatory is a great example of an institution from the 19th century having an exciting life in the 21st century.

a bride and groom smile at each other in front of a display of red flowers

Leah toasts her bridesmaids before heading to the Outdoor Garden for her wedding ceremony:

a bride and her bridesmaids laugh and make a toast with plastic cups

An inviting entrance to one of the most beautiful structures in Pittsburgh:

a man and boy wearing suits walk to the entrance of phipp's conservatory

Musicians wait for a wedding ceremony to begin in the Special Events Hall:

a groom and his groomsmen talk by the exit

The Tropical Forest Conservatory is 12,000 square feet of nature under glass. It’s a great place for an escort table and for your cocktail hour:

place cards attached to white roses sit on a purple table decorated with candles

Ever-changing exhibits mean that your wedding photos aren’t going to look like anybody else’s, as these two brides discovered:

two brides wearing dresses and converse stand under red orange and yellow umbrellas

The Broderie Room is the perfect setting for an intimate wedding with up to 50 guests. The French garden is reminiscent of what you’d find at a chateau:

a bride and groom say their vows beside orange flowers

The Outdoor Garden is a wonderful spot for a ceremony on warm, sunny afternoon in the spring through the fall:

a bride and groom say their vows in a green garden with treesa groom walks on a path through a green garden

The Tropical Forest Conservatory is connected to the Special Events Hall. It offers an opportunity for a quiet moment while your guests are dining:

a bride with a colorful bouquet walks through a garden with her groomtwo small pink flowers

Even if rain makes it impossible to have your ceremony in the Outdoor Garden, a nearby tent offers shelter and the feeling of being outside:

Brides can get dressed in the privacy of the changing room. Just be ready for some tears when dad sees you:

a bride comforts her crying father before walking down the aislea bridesmaid in a pink dress walks with a little boy wearing black suspenders and a bow tie

The Outdoor Garden is a quiet sanctuary in the heart of Oakland. The Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh campus can be seen above the trees:

a wedding ceremony in front of a green forest and a blue sky with cloudsa bride smiles at her groom as they say their vows in a gardena bride smiles as her groom embraces her

The waterfall on the patio outside of The Tropical Forest Conservatory is an elegant, private spot for a wedding ceremony. At the back side of the Conservatory it is a great spot for a cocktail hour before heading into the Special Events Hall for dinner:

guests watch as a bride and her father walk down the aisle to a green garden

Phipps offers so many lovely locations for photos, like the Palm Court:

a groom kisses his bride on a bench in front of pink and orange flowers

The Palm Court is also a lovely place for an inside ceremony:

a bride and groom laugh and smile at each other

The Broderie Room set and ready to go for a wedding ceremony:

a garden with shrubbery and yellow flowers decorated with purple

The grounds outside are beautiful locations for photographs. Here’s the lily pond near Panther Hollow Road:

a bride and groom embrace each other in front of a pond with plants and water lillies

The walkway to the Welcome Center is always a colorful spot:

two brides smile in front of pink and blue flowers

The inside of the Special Events Hall was filled with abundant natural light for this brunch-time ceremony:

a bride and groom laugh while saying their vows beside a white curtainplace cards sit on a white table with photographs and white flowers

An intimate ceremony in The Broderie Room:

two brides say their vows in a green garden with purple flowers

Cakes with a French theme await guests outside of The Broderie Room:

white and blue pastries sit on a cake stand with pink flowersa bride touches her grooms nose as they stand in a tropical garden

Even at night the Conservatory is filled with color:

red purple and orange paper cranes hang in a tropical gardena bride and groom stand in a statue garden with purple decorations

The Special Events Hall is set up for a wedding reception with 7-top tables:

a dining room with purple tables and green plants

Recessing after a wedding ceremony on the patio outside of The Tropical Forest Conservatory:

a bride and groom hold hands and walk through a garden patha server pours sangria with limes and oranges

Kerry and her father wait out of sight for her wedding ceremony to begin in the Outdoor Garden:

a bride and her father laugh near green trees

Cyrus carries Amy along the sidewalk next to Schenley Drive after their ceremony:

a groom carries his bride on a sunlit path

Amanda and Rob walk through the Sunken Garden room hand-in-hand:

a bride and groom walk through a garden of leaves and red flowers

Desserts and appetizers await guests inside of the Special Events Hall:

an assortment of pies cakes and cookies sit beside bloody marys

The Tropical Forest Conservatory during cocktail hour. The curtains are drawn in the Special Events Hall to maximize the surprise when guests enter:

a reception in a room with gardens and arches with pillars

a bride and groom kiss in a garden

Anne and Bei‘s wedding featured a family-style meal with no assigned seating as long banquet tables were set up for their guests:

two long dining tables decorated with potted plantsa dining table with brown and green napkins and runnersa table with green napkinsguests eat at a dining table decorated with plants

Delicious appetizers during cocktail hour:

plates of vegetable and meat appetizerseggrolls rangoon and sushi

Black table cloths and white orchids along with black ribbons on the chairs were the decor for Lisa and Bob’s wedding in the Special Events Hall:

a black table with white flowers

Kristin and Tom made the Special Events Hall their own with multi-colored table cloths and paintings created by the bride and groom:

blue orange and green tables in front of colorful tapestries

Their flower-themed cake:

a wedding cake with a green blue orange and yellow floral designguests watch a bride and groom dance in front of colorful tapestries

Cuisine from filet to salmon:

steak salmon and chicken entrees with potatoes and green beans

Kerry and Scott walk arm-in-arm from their ceremony in the Outdoor Garden:

a bride and groom walk through a grassy area

Hannah and Mark’s first dance. Their dance floor was set up at the far end of the room:

a bride and groom smile and dance

As was Anne and Bei’s:

guests watch a bride and groom dance togetherbridesmaids in purple dresses laugh and pose with the bridea bride and groom kiss under an arch of leavesa bride holds a small white floweryellow and pink flower decorations

Kylie and Rachid‘s dance floor was in the center of the Special Events Hall:

guests smile and watch a bride with an orange and pink bouquet dance with her groom

With room for a band:

a wedding singer sings in pink lighting

A guest enjoys a cigar on the patio outside of the Special Events Hall:

a man blows smoke from a cigar into the night skya groom dips his bride and kisses herguests dance and laugh

A sunset view of downtown Pittsburgh as seen from the patio by the Special Events Hall:

the skyline of downtown pittsburgh against a cloudy sunset

As I said, the exhibits are always changing – all Phipps Conservatory weddings are unique:

a bride and groom embrace in a garden underneath white circular chandeliers

No better way to end a night of dancing than with a sweaty group hug 😜

wedding guests embrace the bride and groom

And a cookie table:

guests choose cookies from the cookie tablea bride and groom kiss as they dancea little boy looks at the illuminated candlesa bride wraps her veil around her groom as they dancethe silhouettes of a bride and groom in front of green leavesthe exterior of phipps conservatory at night

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