Seven Springs Weddings

Seven Springs Weddings:

Located in the Laurel Highlands just a little more than an hour from Pittsburgh, Seven Springs is a popular place for people to play during all four seasons. During the warmer months it’s an ideal place for an outdoor wedding followed by a reception at one of several elegant spaces at the resort. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing many Seven Springs weddings at many of the different venues on the property. It was tough to narrow it down to my favorite photos so you’re going to see a whole bunch of photos from all around Seven Springs:

Angela and Alan wave to their guests who are enjoying the cocktail of the deck outside of the Alpine Room far below them:

A bride and groom hold hands at the top of a mountain overlooking Seven Springs resort. They wave at the people far below them.

With the mountains reflected in the window Lindsey’s makeup artist takes advantage of the ample natural light coming through the picture window of her hotel room:

a bride looks at her reflection with green hills and a blue sky behind her

Jonah suits up on the balcony of his hotel room in the Main Lodge Hotel:

a groom stands on a balcony and adjusts his black tuxedo

Guys toss a football around at The Villages before getting dressed for the wedding:

wedding guests play football in a grassy field

While the bridesmaids enjoy the sunshine and some champagne on a bedroom balcony in a condo at The Villages:

a bridesmaid in a pink robe stands on a balcony with another bridesmaid

The Forest Lodge offers private accomodations. It’s the perfect place to stay over with your bridesmaids the night before your wedding. The next day you can all get ready together:

a bridesmaid in a blue dress adjusts the brides lace skirta brides smiles and cries while reading a cardwicker baskets filled with pink flower petals and tied with pink ribbon

A mountaintop condo at The Villages offers a large, modern space to stay and get ready for your wedding:

a bride lays on a bed and talks to two little girlsa wedding dress hangs with other purple bridesmaids dressestwo ski lifts move over a row of cabins

Grooms should make sure that their moms have the opportunity to do a final check before heading out for the wedding ceremony:

a groom smiles as his mother touches his cheek

The Main Lodge Hotel is a convenient, centrally located place to get ready:

a bridesmaid in a white robe smiles

Just ask if you need some help with your boutonniere:

a groomsman pins a flower on another groomsman

a groom ties his light blue neck tie

a brides mother fastens a bracelet on her daughter and they both smile

Getting ready is an exciting and emotional time of the day. Being able to spend your entire day from beginning to end at the same property gives you the luxury of being able to relax and savor the events without worrying about transporting people from place to place:

a woman hugs a bride as two other women smile and watch

The Forest Lodge on a misty summer day:

a cabin sits by a lake in a green forest

The master bedroom at The Forest Lodge is filled with bright, glorious light:

a bride laughs as her bridesmaids fasten her dress

It’s perfect for portraits like this one of Alisa:

a bride wearing a veil and a lace dress smiles and stands by a window

Alisa’s bridesmaids wait anxiously to see her walk down the stairs:

bridesmaids in blue dresses smile at the bride two flower girls in pink dresses and green flower crowns

Seven Springs has a lot of fantastic spots for a first look. Alisa and Jonah saw each other on the bridge over Rainbow Pond:

a bride and groom hold hands and smile as they stand on a wooden bridge

Hilary and Robbie had their first look at Helen’s Waterfall:

a groom smiles as his bride embraces him

Helen’s was the first home built at Seven Springs and is also a wonderful spot for an intimate wedding of up to 80 guests:

a bride walks on a path surrounded by grassy green hillsmen wearing sunglasses and suspenders walk down a path with cabins behind them

Lake Tahoe at the top of the mountain offers a wide open space for photos, which is great if you have a big bridal party:

a bride stands in front of a lake with her bridesmaids in blue dressesa bride and groom smile and stand in front of a lake

Or if you want to get away from everyone for a portrait session:

a bride and groom embrace in front of a lake and a blue skya vase of white flowers

The main lodge offers a number of meeting rooms that you can use for different parts of your wedding ceremony, like the signing of the ketubah during a Jewish wedding:

a rabbi signs wedding documents as the bride and groom smile and watchmen in yarmulkes make a toast with glasses of scotch

…and a bedeken:

a bride and groom sit and laugh with guests

Situated in a forest glade just a short shuttle ride from the Lodge, Meadowoods is a lovely, shaded spot for a wedding ceremony:

a sign for meadowoods is engraved on a rock in a forest

You can arrive by shuttle or, if you’re really fancy, by horse drawn carriage:

a bride and her father sit in a white carriage drawn by white horses

Brides can stay out of sight in the shelter at the rear of the ceremony space:

bridesmaids in pink and purple dresses with purple bouquets stand by a bride and her mothera bride and her father hide behind a wall and spy on guestsa bride and her father smile as they walk down the aisle together

A raised deck area allows your guests an unobstructed view of the ceremony:

a bride and groom say their vows on an altar in the woodsa bride and groom say their vows in front of an illuminated green foresttwo little boys and a little girl in a blue and white dress walk down the aisle

You’re able to decorate the deck area to suit your own traditions and style:

a bride and groom say their vows under a wooden chuppahguests clap as the bride and groom kissa woman holds a grooms hand as he criesflower girls in pink dresses and green crowns walk down the aisle

Benches sawn from ancient pine trees provide seating for up to 300

a bride and groom stand under their chuppah with pink flowersa bride and groom smile and hold handsguests blow bubbles at the smiling bride and groom

There’s even an exercise area where flower girls can burn off some excess energy:

young girls in black and white dresses play with a pull up bara bride with a peach colored bouquet holds her grooms handa mason jar of white flowers hangs from a hooka groom embraces his groomsmen

Meadowoods is also a great spot for a first look:

a bride and groom smile and hold hands on a forest paththe entire wedding party stands in front of a chuppah

Shade from the tall trees makes even the warmest day a comfortable spot for portraits after the ceremony:

a bride smiles and rests her head on her grooms shouldera bride smiles and poses by wooden stable doorsorange mushrooms and tiny pinecones on a branch

The Exhibit Hall is a generous space for a wedding ceremony and is the perfect backup in the event of bad weather. Seven Springs staff are always ready to seamlessly transfer your ceremony indoors if it’s raining outside:

guests watch two smiling bridesmaids in gray dressesa bridesmaid in a pink dress holds hands with a bride and talks to hera bride and groom smile at each other underneath their chuppaha bride and groom are surrounded by their guests

a bride smiles and holds up a papera bride and groom stand under their chuppah and cheer

an orange owl centerpiece and autumn leaves

Fin ‘n Feather is set in a lush space near the entrance to Seven Springs. It features several houses where up to 20 guests can stay. The venue has a capacity of over 300, for a ceremony on the carefully tended lawns which are crossed by mountain streams.

bridesmaids in pink dresses stand in formationa bridesmaid and the brides mother walk the bride to the altara groom smiles as he watches his brideguests watch a smiling bride and her escorts walk down the aislea bride and groom smile and hold hands under their chuppaha bride and groom kiss next to a painting of a mountain

Lilly and Alex cross one of the bridges on the property after their wedding ceremony:

a bride and groom hold hands and walk across a wooden bridgethree white swans float on a lake

There are so many spots for portraits around the resort. The locations change with the seasons ensuring that you’ll always have unique photos:

a bride and groom smile at each other and embrace in a grassy fielda bride smiles and opens a white parasol

The staff makes Seven Springs weddings easy by providing shuttle transportation around the property. You can get to one of the beautiful ponds and back to your reception in no time:

a bride and groom walk on the grass by a lakea bride holds her grooms arm and smiles at hima bride and groom smile and pose on a wooden bridge

The spacious Grand Ballroom seats up to 500 guests:

a groom spins his laughing bride on a dance floorcenterpieces with white branches and flowers sit on white tables with gray napkins

There’s plenty of room for all of your guests to enjoy a delicious dinner and an evening of dancing:

guests have dinner in an illuminated dining rooma bride and groom toast their glasseswhite tables with event cards white flowers and candlesguests lift a surprised bride in a chaira bride and groom jump and laugh together

There’s even room for younger guests to stretch out if they need a little rest:

a bride touches a sleeping boys faceplace cards and wedding notesa white polka dot wedding cake and a cake tier with chocolate and vanilla cupcakes

Guests enjoy a view of the mountains during cocktail hour outside of the Alpine Room:

a reception on a wooden balcony with white tables and string lights

Heavy hand-hewn beams provide a rustic atmosphere inside of the Alpine Room:

a groom picks his bride up on a dance floor with yellow lights

The Alpine room seats up to 165 guests:

white tables in a room with string lights

If you’re not from Western Pennsylvania you might not know about our traditional cookie tables. Ask the folks at Seven Springs to help you put yours together – believe me, you’ll be happy you did!

pink and purple m&ms with a cookie tablecandles and white flowers by a stone fireplacepurple flowers and an illuminated table with candlesa bride dances with a guest while others laugh

a bride and groom smile and gaze at each other while dancingbridesmaids in pink dresses dance with a bride

The deck outside of the Alpine Room is a great place to cool off and get some fresh air during your reception:

a bride and groom smile under lights and lanternsa green and white wedding cake and a white studded wedding cake

The Timberstone Room is a little bit larger venue, seating up to 22o guests. A wall of picture windows provides natural light and a view of the slopes outside:

white tables with pink and white flowers and candlespurple and white tables with board game centerpieceschildren play with rainbow light up toysa bride in a lace white dress dances with her groom

There’s plenty of room on the dance floor for guests of all ages:

two little girls dance under lanternsguests lift a bride and groom in chairsguests jump and dancea groom removes his brides garter

Candles and uplighting make for a warm, inviting setting once the sun sets:

glasses of champagne and purple flowers

The deck outside offers a quick break from the dance floor. Liz and Ilya had a romantic moment next to one of the firepits:

a groom kisses his brides cheek by a firethe exterior of seven springs at night

It’s also the perfect spot to view a fireworks display:

a bride and groom watch pink fireworks together

Important Info:

Seven Springs Mountain Resort
777 Waterwheel Drive
Seven Springs, PA 15622
(814) 352-7777 | (800) 452-2223


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phone: 800-452-2223, ext. 7279

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