Seven Springs Wedding

Angela and Alan’s Seven Springs wedding. In other words, a perfect day in the mountains for a beautiful wedding of two wonderful people 🙂

A happy young married couple embraces near Lake Tahoe at Seven Springs after their outdoor wedding ceremony. Wispy clouds and blue skies provide the backdrop.

Getting Ready

Angela folds her hands as she has her makeup done at a mountain villa. The flower girls were the picture of loveliness with their flower crowns.

Meanwhile, outside of a nearby villa Angela’s brothers toss a football around (Lisa’s photo).

A young man in a green shirt reaches for a flying football as another young guy in a dark t-shirt chases him.

Things were a lot lower key at the girl’s place.

A bare shoulder gets a bit of makeup applied to it as a bride prepares for her wedding.

Alan and his dad share a laugh as Alan puts on his tie (Lisa’s photo).

A young groom faces his father and smiles while putting on a pink tie before his wedding.

A couple of detail photos: The ladies all picked their own dresses in a palette that complimented Angela’s dress. The guys had their own thing going.

Detail photo of bridesmaids dresses hanging off of a balcony in a ski chalet. Brown shoes and argyle socks.

Angela and Alan wrote letters to each other. The similarity of their reactions really struck me (Lisa’s photo at left).

A bride and groom both raise their hands to their mouths as they read letters written to each other prior to their wedding ceremony.

Bridesmaid hugs!

A bridesmaid gives a deep, emotional hug to a bride as two other women look on smilingly.

Angela’s mom caresses her beautiful daughter’s cheek.

Black and white photo that is almost a silhouette of a mother caressing the cheek of her daughter on her wedding day.

Signing the Ketubah

Alan signs the ketubah surrounded by family members (Lisa’s photo).

A groom signs a blue ketubah on a brown table as family members gather around to witness.

While Angela chats with her super cute flower girls.

A bride lays on a bed between two little flower girls as they smile and talk.

After Alan cleared out it was Angela’s turn to sign the ketubah. They didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony.

A bride smiles as she rises from a table after signing a blue-colored ketubah. Her mother wipes tears from her eyes while other witnesses smile.Closeup portrait of a blonde bride in a lacy dress with a veil.

An Interfaith Ceremony

The bridesmaids lined up for the procession.

A bride stands next to her mother as she watches bridesmaids line up to walk down the aisle at the beginning of her wedding ceremony.

Alan was escorted down the aisle by his mom and dad (Lisa’s photo).

A groom holds hands with his mother and father as he walks down the aisle in a forest grove.

Alan’s reaction to seeing Angela was priceless. This is why they waited until the ceremony to see each other.

A groom is overcome with emotion as he sees his bride walking towards him.

Angela and her parents make their way down the aisle.

A bride smiles as she walks down the aisle in a forest grove while holding hands with her parents.

Beneath the chuppah on the stage at Meadowoods. The couple had a rabbi and a reverend perform an interfaith ceremony.

Parents of the couple surround them as they all stand beneath a chuppah set up in a forest grove for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

It’s tough to beat Meadowoods as a venue for a Seven Springs wedding.

An overview from the rear of the Meadowoods wedding site during their Seven Springs Wedding.

Next two photos by Lisa.

A groom places the wedding band on the bride's right index finger during the jewish part of a wedding ceremony outdoors during their Seven Springs Wedding.A bride and groom smile as they are wrapped together in a prayer shawl during their Seven Springs Wedding.

Breaking the glass followed by a kiss!

A groom stomps on a glass and then kisses his bride as they stand beneath a chuppah during their Seven Springs Wedding.

A bride and groom embrace beneath the chuppah at Meadowoods during their Seven Springs Wedding.A bride and groom grin and raise their arms in the air as they recess from their wedding ceremony at the Meadowoods site during their Seven Springs Wedding.

Angela’s mom gives the couple a big hug.

A bride and groom smile as they are embraced by the bride's mother during their Seven Springs Wedding.


Portrait of a bride and groom smiling as they sit together on rough sawn wooden benches during their Seven Springs Wedding.A bride smiles as she sits in tall grass in a mountain meadow at Seven Springs resort with her dress spread out around her during their Seven Springs Wedding.A bride leans into her groom as he embraces her from behind and kisses her neck during their Seven Springs Wedding.A bride and groom stand on a small wooden bridge above a dam at a pond during their Seven Springs Wedding.

Alpine Room Reception

Their first dance. The reception took place in the Alpine Room (Lisa’s photo).

A bride and groom have their first dance in front of a warm, glowing curtain in a ballroom during their Seven Springs Wedding.A bride's dress floats in the air as her groom picks her up and spins her around at the end of their first dance during their Seven Springs Wedding.

The look on Angela’s face pretty much tells you what’s going to happen after they cut the cake 🙂

A bride and groom cut their wedding cake and then smear icing on each other's faces during their Seven Springs Wedding.

Guests lift the couple up on chairs as they dance the hora.

A bride and groom are lifted in chairs as they hold a napkin between them while dancing the Hora during during their Seven Springs Wedding.

Lisa’s photo.

A groom in a vest and shirtsleeves dances with a young boy during during their Seven Springs Wedding.A bride kicks her feet up into the air as she dances with a guest in a blue shirt with one hand behind his head kicking his feet into the air during during their Seven Springs Wedding.

It’s an iffy proposition when someone from the wedding party wants to sing with the band, but Angela was so good that she could have stayed up there for the rest of their set! She sang a song that was special to her grandmother and late grandfather. Alan danced with Angela’s grandmother while she sang.

A groom dances with the grandmother of the bride while the bride sings a song for them during their Seven Springs Wedding.Bride is embraced by a laughing bridesmaid who holds the large bouquet that she just caught in her hand during their Seven Springs Wedding.

With chinese paper lanterns providing round dots of warm light against the twilight sky, a bride and groom embrace and smile at the camera on the deck outside of the Alpine Room during their Seven Springs Wedding.


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