Seven Springs Resort Wedding

Alisa and Jonah’s Seven Springs Resort Wedding was a joyful day filled with emotion. These guys are so expressive and were so completely invested in experiencing their wedding day that I had a hard time narrowing the photos down to my favorites for this post. Seven Springs is a fantastic resort located in the Laurel Highlands just a little more than hour outside of Pittsburgh. It’s a popular choice for couples who are looking for a lush outdoor setting while having the best of both worlds with their choice of beautiful venues for their reception.

A bride and groom hold each others hands in front of them as they stand on a small bridge that crosses a stream. They're expressions are joyful.

Getting Ready

Alisa got ready at the Forest Lodge.

Closeup of a woman's hands resting on her thighs. Her engagement ring is prominent in the foreground.

Jonah had a room at the Main Lodge Hotel (photo by Lisa).

A groom puts on his jacket as he stands on a balcony made of stone and wood.

They wrote notes to each other.

Two photos: a groom reads a card sent to him by his bride. A woman cries as she reads a card sent to her by her fiance on their wedding day.

Alisa and her girls figured out the lacing on the back of her dress.

With bright light behind them a bride looks back at her bridesmaids as they tie the laces on the back of her dress.

When she was ready, Alisa joined the rest of her bridesmaids who were waiting at the bottom of the stairs to see their friend.

Bridesmaids stand at the bottom of a set of stairs waiting for a bride to come down. They're all smiling. You can only see the bride's arm.


A smiling bride wearing a white dress and veil stands by a window before her Seven Springs Resort Wedding.

First Look and Portrait Time

They had their first look on the bridge over Rainbow Pond.

A bride and groom stand on a bridge and hold one hand as they smile and look at each other in their wedding clothes during a Seven Springs Resort wedding.

We went up to Lake Tahoe at the top of the mountain for bridal party photos. We didn’t do a ton of portraits because the day was packed and Alisa and Jonah made enjoying those moments a priority. I was more than happy to follow their lead. It’s important to listen to clients and understand what’s important to them.

Two portraits: a bride hold hands and smiles at the camera with a lake and trees in the background. A groom laughs with his hands in the pockets of his black suit.A photo of light purple flowers next to a photo of three bridesmaids walking together while wearing light purple dresses.

You could see the nasty weather closing in on us which meant that the ceremony had to be moved indoors.

Groomsmen wearing black suits and laughing next to a photo of a bride and bridesmaids standing together laughing in front of a lake.Orange mushrooms and two swans swimming in a pond.

Ketubah Signing and Bedeken

Their witnesses signed the ketubah under the watchful eye of the rabbi.

Rabbis seated at a table sign paperwork for a couple during their marriage ceremony. The couple stands behind them along with the bride's father.

Then it was on to the bedeken. I love the reaction of Jonah’s mom as she saw him approach with his dad and father-in-law.

A bride claps her hands while sitting along a wall with other women and a groom walks with his father and the brides father towards the bride.

A beautiful moment. You’ve got to get close if you want the good photos.

A groom bends down and touches foreheads with his bride. She is crying and holding her hands on his neck.

Afterwards, the guys toasted the groom (Lisa’s photo).

A group of men in black suits touch glasses of whiskey in the middle of their circle.

The Wedding Ceremony

Happy bridesmaids! (photo by Lisa).

Two pregnant smiling bridesmaids carry flowers and walk down an aisle at a wedding.

Alisa’s parents greet Jonah at the beginning of the ceremony.

A groom shakes hands with the father of the bride as he presents his daughter to the groom.

Seen from behind the rabbi, a couple exchanges wedding vows beneath a chuppah.

Alisa holds the ketubah up for everyone to see (photo by Lisa).

A smiling bride holds a ketubah above her head and looks at the guests during her wedding ceremony.

Jonah and Alisa celebrate after breaking the glass.

A bride and groom cheer and hold their hands in the air beneath the chuppah at the end of their wedding ceremony.

On to the Reception

The Grand Ballroom was tastefully decorate with whites and lavender.

round tables with set with white tablecloths and purple runners with flowers and candles as centerpieces.

The escort table featured jars for notes that guests could leave with advice or blessings on their 1st, 5th, and 10th anniversaries.

An escort table with place settings and gifts. A white gerber daisy bouquet.

First dance.

A bride and groom dance with each other in the middle of a dance floor surrounded by their guests.

photo by Lisa.

A groom dips his bride as they kiss at the end of their first dance.

Alisa’s reaction while the guys lifted her on a chair was priceless!

A bride has a look of shocked surprise on her face as she is lifted in a chair by a group of men.Colorful flower-shaped spots on a ceiling behind a bride and groom held up in chairs during the hora during a Seven Springs Resort wedding.A bride and groom with looks of joy on their faces as they dance face to face.

The big ballroom takes on a more intimate atmosphere once the lights are turned down and the candles glow.

A candlelit ballroom filled with diners. Seven Springs Resort wedding.A groom looks at his bride as they sit together and touch glasses during a toast.

Parent’s dances followed immediately after dinner.

A bride holds on to her father as they dance in the foreground while the groom and his mother dance in the background.

This was a very special family tradition where Alisa’s sister and her husband (along with the rest of their family) joined she and Jonah to honor her parents.

A group of four people with arms around each other's shoulders smile as they approach a couple with laurel wreaths on their heads.A bride caresses her mother who is wearing a laurel wreath on her head.

The John Parker Band made sure that the energy on the dance floor was high.

A brown haired singer holds the microphone high as he sings into it while two men play inflatable keyboards to the delight of a bride.

The couple brought all sorts of fun props for their guests to enjoy on the dance floor.

Wedding guests dancing with funny glasses and hats during a wedding reception.

Sometimes you just need a little nap after all of that dancing.

A bride reaches down to touch a child who is sleeping on several chairs that have been pushed together.

A terrific Seven Springs Resort wedding – I’m so grateful to have been able to photograph it!

A bride and groom wearing giant fake mustaches kiss on a dance floor.


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