Fairmont Hotel Pittsburgh Weddings

If you’re looking for a modern, bright venue then check out the photos from these Fairmont Hotel Pittsburgh Weddings:

bride and groom embrace for a kiss on a stairway with decorative wooden slats in the background

The Fairmont is centrally located in downtown Pittsburgh and is a great place to start the day out even if your ceremony is at a nearby church. The suites are spacious and a great place to get together with your bridesmaids while you prepare for the big event:

woman wearing a white bathrobe sits with several other women in lavender colored satin robes. They look at the camera and smile.detail photos of women's strap high heel shoes with red soles and a lace veil.

Floor-to-ceiling windows offer a light and airy atmosphere, perfect for setting a great mood for the day:

A woman wearing a Fairmont bathrobe pours champagne for two other women. A bright floor-to-ceiling window is behind them.

The window light makes it easy for your makeup artist to do the very best job for you:

A woman with an updo and a bun has red lipstick applied

Two women in dark blue dresses help a woman in a white dressing gown put a bracelet on.

The rooms are spacious enough for everyone to take part in helping the bride get her dress on:

A bride looks over her shoulder as her friends work on the train of her dress and other friends stand watching.

A bride puts an earring on as she looks in the mirror while bridesmaids in purple dresses get ready next to her.A bride smiles as she fluffs her veil in front of a large window.

The robes are super comfy, too!

A bride laughs with her bridesmaids who wear white bathrobes.

Dramatic window light makes your details really stand out:

high heels cast shadows on a striped cushion.a bride is helped into her dress by her bridesmaids dressed in purple

Mom looks on as her daughters prepare for the wedding day:

A bride is helped into her dress by a bridesmaid wearing a blue dress as their mother stands watching while wearing a light blue dress.

Bridesmaids show their approval as the bride steps out of the bedroom:

Seen from behind, a bride shows her smiling bridesmaids the dress she is wearing.

Clean, modern decor and ample lighting add so much to simple events like helping the bride put on her Louboutin heels:

A bride sits on the end of a bed while her bridesmaid helps put on her shoes. The window behind them provides the lighting.

Bridesmaids show their love to the groom, too:

Women in white Fairmont bathrobes surround and embrace a man in a tuxedoA bride stands with her sister and her mother.

Mom and dad get a glimpse of their daughter:

A father and mother smile as they look at their daughter. Father is in a tuxedo and mother a blue dress

A beautiful girl and lovely light:

A bride smiles at the camera while wearing a strapless dress and a diamond necklace

And another one, this time in the hallway near the elevators:

A bride stands in profile in front of a window with her dress spread around her.

A bride and groom have their first look in the doorway of the bride’s hotel suite. Light and dark shapes add to the drama:

A bride and groom hold hands and look at each other during their first look in the doorway of a hotel room.

Bridesmaids watch the first look from the bedroom:

Four women cry as they peek through a partially opened door.

The bride sees her friends watching:

A bride holds her hand in front of her mouth as she tears up.

Another great spot for a first look is in the parklet just outside of the front doors of the Fairmont Pittsburgh Hotel:

A bride wipes tears from her eyes before walking up to her fiance who stands facing away from her.

The lobby is filled with natural light from the enormous windows. It’s a great place for portraits, especially on a muggy Pittsburgh summer afternoon:

A bride and groom sit together and smile at one another in front of a window on a sunny day.A bride and groom hold hands as they walk up a white staircase

The grand ballroom seats up to 450 people. It’s a versatile space that you can decorate to reflect your own personal style:

greenery on a trellis above a table set for a banquet. Place cards hang on wires suspended from a trellis covered with greenery. Place setting with bride and grooms names on cards sitting on the plates. A place setting for table 20 with yellow roses in a vase behind it. An overall photo of a room decorated for a wedding.A tuxedoed man leans against a window as he stands with his hands in his pockets.A bride stands with arms akimbo on a white stone staircase

That light 🙂

A bride looks at the camera as she stands with her groom. He's looking at her.

The fireplace in the lobby is another great place for photos, especially for a winter wedding like this one:

A bride and groom stand next to a long, glass fireplace which they are reflected in.A bride and her green-dressed bridesmaids stand on a lower landing on a stairwayA bride and her purple-dressed bridesmaids walk through the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel in PittsburghA bride stands in front of a blue background with the sun shining on her face.

The foyer outside of the Grand Ballroom is perfect for a cocktail hour where guests can nosh on tasty treats:

Large bins of flavored popcorn and a cheese and fruit board

A grand entrance into the Grand Ballroom:

A bride holds her bouquet in the air as her groom pumps his fist as they walk into their reception. A man stands and applauds.An overall photo of a room decored for a wedding. Wine bottles stand in a row

This setup features a long central table for the bridal party and the dance floor set up at the end of the room next to the windows:

A groom picks up his bride on the dance floor.

A bride and groom cut a wedding cake that has greenery as an accent along with gold ribbon.

Uplighting and accent lighting give the room a whole different look:

A purple-accented wedding cake with square tiers. A purple table cloth with large boquetsA groom looks at his bride as they both sit in chairs and applaud while listening to speeches.

The stained glass light fixtures on the ceiling are a warm accent to the space:

A bride and her father wear sunglasses and dance beneath the stained glass light in the ceiling of the Fairmont Pittsburgh

Ample room on the dance floor means your guests can really have a good time:

A man holds his hands in the air as he dances with a group of wedding guests

Especially grandfathers!

An old man wearing a lei dances with a bride and a bridesmaid in a purple dress.

What Pittsburgh wedding would be complete without a cookie table:

a table full of plates of cookies, glass globes hanging from wires with candles inside, a table decorated for a wedding reception.A woman wearing a light blue dress laughs as she dances with a man and a woman in a yellow dress.crystals on a vase and a photo of large bouquets in tall skinny crystal vasesA crowded dance floor filled with guests who are waving lighted foam tubes in the air.

A woman wearing sunglasses dances in a purple lit ballroom

detail photos of a cake with purple fondant flowers, a candles in the midst of purple and white flowers, silver tree branches with tags hanging from them.

Such a great place for a memorable celebration:

a groom holds his beer bottle in one hand and lifts his smiling bride in his other hand.


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