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Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh weddings always seem to have a mix of the traditional and the modern. Maybe it’s inspired by the space itself which was originally built in Pittsburgh’s gilded age when fortunes and power were amassed by men like Carnegie, Frick, and Mellon. It still maintains the Beaux Arts-style that it had when the law firm of Reed Smith called it their headquarters. When Kimpton took it over several years ago they brought their unique mix of modern, funky, and eclectic elements to the property. The result is one of Pittsburgh’s premier hotels and events venues. Located off of Sixth Ave. between Grant St. and William Penn Way, you’re just a few steps away from Pittsburgh’s vibrant cultural district.

Man and woman look at each other while sitting at a table in front of two bright green armoires. green sign on the side of hotel monaco in pittsburgh

Kimpton Hotels are renowned for their attention to detail and hospitality.

two chocolate covered strawberries with gold sprinkles sit on a black plate in front of a card from the hotel monaco in pittsburgh

Couples find the spacious suites to be the ideal place for them to get ready for their wedding. What a great idea 😉

a tattooed hairdresser applies hairspray to a brunette bride's long curls

A bride holds her hands to her sides and looks over her shoulder as her bridesmaids fluff the train of her dress

Ample natural light and space in the rooms upstairs is something that’s worth toasting.

a group of groomsmen in tuxedos make a toast with scotch

There’s space for all of your bridesmaids and friends to be with a bride when she gets dressed.

bridesmaids in blue and green dresses react to the bride's wedding day ensemblea blonde bridesmaid wearing a blue bathrobe opens a bottle of champagnea bride smiles as her mother fastens a sapphire necklace on her

Ceremony Spaces

The space between the Sheffield (left) and Sofia (right) Ballrooms is an elegant place for a wedding ceremony. The tall Ionic columns and high ceiling give the space a grand scale while the bank of windows above the Sixth Ave. entrance fill the room with ample natural light.

a bride and groom stand underneath their black chuppah with red and pink roses in a bright white event space

a bride and groom smile at each other as their officiant speaks

The Sofia Ballroom has enough seating space for a large ceremony.

a bride smiles and carries a bouquet of pink and white poppies and roses as her father walks her down the aisleguests sit along an aisle decorated with candles as they watch a bride and groom exchange vowsguests applaud a bride and groom as they walk away from their chuppaha bride in a white lace dress walks down the aisle with her groom

Room for a Large or Small Reception

The Sofia Ballroom was the location for this brunch reception. The floor-to-ceiling windows on both walls give the room an airy atmosphere during the day:

a bride and groom share a piece of wedding cake

The space between the ballrooms is also a wonderful space for a cocktail hour. There’s plenty of room for an escort table.

place cards are arranged on a circular white table with a centerpiece of white flowers

The Sheffield Ballroom is the larger of the two rooms on the main floor and can seat up to 240 guests for a wedding reception.

white flowers green leaves and champagne glasses sit on top of gold and white dinner tablesdinner rolls and party favors sit on top of a gray table with a centerpiece of foliage

Dining by candlelight after the lights are turned down gives the large room an intimate feel.

candles illuminate a dining area decorated in white and goldchandeliers illuminate a dining area decorated with foliagea bride and her guests view the blue and purple floral wedding cake topper

A golden charger with a place card and a wedding favor makes a very inviting space for wedding guests.

a place card and wedding favor sit on top of a gold dinner plate surrounded by glasses and silverware

Spots for the Perfect Portrait

The rooftop patio is a wonderful place for portraits. Skyscrapers provide the backdrop for this spot high above the busy streets below.

a bride and groom stand in front of a black building and strings of lights

It looks great at night, too.

a bride and groom dance on a rooftop overlooking the city at nighttimea bride in a white lace dress and a groom in a black tuxedo embrace each othera bride and groom dance in front of city buildings and strings of lights

There are plenty of places inside for portraits. There isn’t a dull space in the entire building, whether it’s just the couple in the photographs.

a bride and groom stand on top of a black and white checkerboard floor

Or the entire wedding party.

a bride and groom sit on a yellow couch surrounded by bridesmaids and groomsmena bride and groom gather together with their wedding party on a black and white checkered floora groom embraces his bride on a blue coucha bride and groom stand against a blue sky and city buildings

Dance the Night Away

This couple had their reception dinner in the Sheffield Ballroom and dancing in the Sofia Ballroom. The big doors in both rooms allow guests to flow from room to room. So whether they’re hitting the dance floor or relaxing for a conversation there’s a space for everyone.

a bride and groom smile and dance togetherbridesmaids in blue and green dresses applaud the bride and groomthe bride dances with a little girl in a white dress

There’s plenty of room for a band.

the band performs in colored lighting

And for that one groomsman to show off his signature dance move.

a guest does the worm on the dance floora bridesmaid in a green dress laughs and dances with the bride

Dancing burns between 350 – 450 calories per hour. Which is a perfect excuse to have a tater tot bar. As if anyone needs an excuse to have a tater tot bar 🙂

a buffet of tater tots and pizza along with sauces

The Sheffield Ballroom has a lot of space for dancing as well.

a bride and groom smile and dance with each other as the band performs

So if you’re looking for a place where you can let go of all of your wedding planning worries and just concentrate on having a great time the Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh is it.

a bride sings and dances with her guests


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