Heinz Chapel Weddings

Heinz Chapel Weddings. What could be more Pittsburgh than that?

Heinz Memorial Chapel on the University of Pittsburgh campus is a non-denominational chapel which has long been a popular place for Pitt alumni to get married. As of 2016, there is no longer a requirement that either the bride or groom have an affiliation to the University of Pittsburgh. Good news for anyone looking for a venue that could just as well be in a wealthy medieval market town in France. The chapel was a gift of H.J. Heinz and was finished in 1938. The floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows and deep, rich oak furnishings make the interior as beautiful as any chapel in the world.

A Special Place

There are a number of events at the chapel so the coordinators there make sure that everything runs to schedule. They’re experts at making your event go smoothly.

I’ve got a special attachment to the place – my wife and I had our wedding there 🙂 So Heinz Chapel Weddings always have a spot in my heart. Here are some of my favorite photos from the many weddings that I’ve photographed there:

Exterior photo of Heinz Memorial Chapel on the University of Pittsburgh campus taken in early spring. Heinz Chapel Weddings are classic and beautiful affairs.

A Comfortable Space to Get Ready

Junior bridesmaids sit in the ready room in the basement of the chapel waiting for a wedding to begin.

A group of young girls wearing long dresses sit in a lavender waiting room with a mirror behind them.

A bride and groom are applauded by the singers who performed during their ceremony.

A bride and a groom walk towards a group of people in a choir seated in pews. The choir members smile at the couple who are also happy to see them.

Beautiful Oakland

The area between Heinz Chapel and the Cathedral of Learning is one of the most lovely spots in Pittsburgh.

A bride in white and a groom in a dark blue suit stand facing each other with their arms wrapped around each other in a slab stone pathway sheltered by trees.

A bride walks up the stairs from the waiting room.

A bride is illuminated by a tall, narrow window as she walks up the stone stairs from the basement at Heinz Memorial chapel.Heinz Memorial Chapel as seen through the trees in the summer.detail photo of the red-painted heavy wooden doors at Heinz Chapel. There are black rivets and fancy ironwork pulls on the door.

Pure joy as a couple exchanges vows.

a bride smiles as she looks up at her groom as they face each other on an altar.

Presenting the newlyweds.

Bride and groom are presented to the audience at the end of a Heinz Chapel weddings. They're smiling broadly.

The Cathedral of Learning as seen through the doors at the back of the chapel.

silhouetted in the door at Heinz Chapel weddings, a couple faces each other. The Cathedral of Learning is in the background.

A father prepares to give his daughter’s hand in marriage.

An african american pastor faces a father standing between his daughter and son in law to be at heinz memorial chapel

The happy couple exits the church:

a bride holds her hand out and laughs as she and her groom walk out of the back of heinz memorial chapel.

A classic photo from many Heinz Chapel Weddings. It’s not as easy as it looks to get this one just right!

a bride and groom face each other in the archway leading to the choir loft at heinz memorial chapel

The bride’s grandfather waits for the service to begin.

golden light illuminates the altar and interior of heinz memorial chapel as an older man sits in the sunlight in the last pew reading the wall street journal

A groom and his guys clown around in the choir loft.

A groom wears sunglasses as he pretends to play the organ in the loft at Heinz memorial chapel while surrounded by his groomsmen.

A sunny early spring afternoon and a beautiful bride outside of Heinz Chapel.

a beautiful blonde bride walks along the path outside of heinz chapel

Detail from the pulpit.

a carved wooden saint holds a book in a detail photo of the altar at heinz memorial chapel.

The magnificent windows, and columns leading to the soaring ceiling give a sense of grandeur to the chapel.

expansive shot of the interior of heinz chapel. The stained glass windows let in purple and blue light while the couple is in warm light in the center.

A bride in the waiting room dances with her friends to take the edge off of her nerves before the wedding.

a bride dances in the waiting room at heinz memorial chapel

The light at the back of the chapel is wonderful.

a bride and groom smile at each other standing next to the red doors at heinz chapel.

If you keep your eyes open, it can also be pretty dramatic.

a dramatically lit man in a suit has a boutonniere pinned on his lapel. A little girl shyly walks down the aisle at heinz chapel during a wedding.

Great place for a bridal party photo.

A bridal party stands on the steps at the back of heinz chapel. carved stone and red doors in the background

Long rays of the winter sunshine illuminate a bride standing on a path near Heinz Chapel.

a bride wearing a fur wrap and white gloves stands in a shaft of sunlight with heinz chapel visible through the leafless trees behind her.


University of Pittsburgh

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260



Some popular reception sites often paired with Heinz Chapel Weddings:

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The Carnegie Museums

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