Chanteclaire Farm Wedding Venue

Couples who are looking for a rustic, but comfortable place for their wedding agree that Chanteclaire Farm wedding venue is among most beautiful wedding venues near Cumberland MD. Located close to Deep Creek Lake in Western MD, it offers everything you need for your celebration. Enjoy the photos while you scroll to the bottom of the page for helpful links and information.

A Farmhouse and a Cabin to Get Ready In

With abundant natural window light, a bride getting ready in the cabin can see just how beautiful she looks in her wedding dress. The natural setting is peaceful and private. Another view from the doorway of the cabin. This time with a bride wearing her soft, flowing gown. five men in a bridal party relax on the front porch of a rustic wooden cabin The cabin is also a great spot for the guys to get ready. After all, they need a porch to hang out on. a groom holds on to his lapels as he puts on his tuxedo jacket the living room of a log cabin Looking sharp in a tuxedo amongst the comfortable, rustic surroundings of the cabin. A double view of a bride being helped into her wedding dress caused by a reflection in a bathroom mirror The master bedroom has plenty of space for a bride to put her dress on. A woman grins as she looks at her reflection in a round mirror in front of a window Abundant natural light makes getting your makeup done a pleasure. A bride and her father link arms and take deep breaths as they look at each other The porch of the farmhouse is the perfect jumping off point for your wedding ceremony. It’s a private spot for a bride and her dad to catch their breath. a bride and her father walk along a path towards an old rusty Ford pickup truck Before heading to the farm truck to take to the ceremony site.

A Natural Ceremony Venue

view of the ceremony site in front of the pond at Chanteclaire Farm in Garrett County Maryland The hillside next to the barn is a natural amphitheater. It’s also got a view as lovely as any chapel. Grooms can wait inside of the lower level of the barn for their cue to head to the ceremony just outside. A flower girl waits for the signal to head down the path to the ceremony. It’s just a short walk down the pathway to the ceremony site. A bride and her dad will make a beautiful entrance from the top of the hill. A great way to begin a Chanteclaire Farm wedding. The handoff in front of the wedding guests. a groom smiles as he watches his bride and her father embrace at their wedding It’s a great moment! The arbor lends itself to all sorts of flower combinations. Bride and groom smile as they speak their vows to one another as the officiant rears back her head in laughter Whatever suits your style!   bride and groom exit their outdoor wedding ceremony hand in hand along a stone path On to the celebration!

But First, Some Portraits

The tree-lined path from the main road to the barn is a wonderful spot for bridal portraits. Even more so in the fall. Since it’s a farm, your pup is a welcome guest at your Chanteclaire Farm wedding. Hang some frames from trees. It’s picture-perfect! on stairs beneath colored glass windows a bride and groom look at each other The silo is a dramatic location for photos.

Not Your Average Barn

details of the rooster motif at Chanteclaire Farm The weather vane always points to a good time. red and orange bridal bouquet, an old blue Ford truck, and a box of purple flowers at Chanteclaire Farm gift table with big red letters, a closeup of a centerpiece with flowers on a slice of a log, and the interior of the barn at Chanteclaire Farm Best Wedding Photographer working at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland It’s really an elegant space with plenty of ways for you to make it your own. Your guests are seated around a hardwood dance floor. There’s ample space so nobody is left out of the action. bride swings her leg as she dances with her groom

Everybody dances! man bends over and touches the dance floor with one arm while the other arm is raised in the air. A group of guests stand around him.

You are guaranteed a good time with your favorite people at your Chanteclaire Farm wedding!

You can find more photos from Chanteclaire Farm wedding by clicking here, here, and here.

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