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Chanteclaire Farm Wedding

Talk about fun! Amy and Eric’s Chanteclaire Farm Wedding was a terrific celebration at one of my favorite places to photograph a wedding:

A bride wraps her arms around her tuxedoed groom as she playfully bites his ear lobe

Amy and the ladies got ready with hair and makeup at the farmhouse:

A woman grins as she looks at her reflection in a round mirror in front of a window

The atmosphere was relaxed and airy with plenty of lovely natural light:

A bride smiles as she is helped into her wedding dress by four bridesmaids all dressed in red lace

The guys got ready in the cabin nearby (Lisa’s photo):

five men in a bridal party relax on the front porch of a rustic wooden cabin

Eric puts on his tuxedo jacket (Lisa’s photo):

a groom holds on to his lapels as he puts on his tuxedo jacket the living room of a log cabin

Back with the ladies. Amy shares a laugh with her sister Gina while having her dress buttoned up:

A double view of a bride being helped into her wedding dress caused by a reflection in a bathroom mirror

Amy and her dad Rick take some relaxing deep breaths before heading over to the ceremony:

A bride and her father link arms and take deep breaths as they look at each other

The farm’s 1960 Ford pickup truck waits to transport Amy and Rick over to the ceremony site:

a bride and her father walk along a path towards an old rusty Ford pickup truck

Eric looks on as Amy and Rick share a hug:

a groom smiles as he watches his bride and her father embrace at their wedding

While their friend Katrina served as officiant, Amy and Eric wrote their own vows. They were beautiful and filled with emotion:

dappled sun illuminates just the face of a groom as he says his vows while facing his bridea bride tears up as she says her vows while facing her groom at an outside wedding

Wedding crasher!

a locust sits on a fence post

Lots of laughs, too 😀

Bride and groom smile as they speak their vows to one another as the officiant rears back her head in laughter

view of the ceremony site in front of the pond at Chanteclaire Farm in Garrett County Maryland

The couple mixed orange and red sand in a unity ceremony:

Bride and groom stand beneath a wrought iron gazebo and look at each other before mixing sand in a sand ceremonybride and groom exit their outdoor wedding ceremony hand in hand along a stone pathbride and groom embrace and kiss immediately after their wedding. the bride is holding a red and orange bouquet.

While the guests enjoyed cocktail hour on the lower level of the barn, we went around the grounds and took some portraits. We started in the silo:

on stairs beneath colored glass windows a bride and groom look at each other

Amy and Eric really worked hard to personalize their wedding. There were so many thoughtful details to photograph. Here are a bunch of things that caught my eye:

details of the rooster motif at Chanteclaire Farmsigns on chalk boards direct guests to different parts and features of a weddingGuest name tags hang on a string, a wedding dinner menu, and a row of wine bottles with a prisoner's photo on and orange bridal bouquet, an old blue Ford truck, and a box of purple flowersa wedding dress hanging in a window, silver slippers and a necklace, and a sign directing wedding guests to drop a pebble in a jar for a blessinggift table with big red letters, a closeup of a centerpiece with flowers on a slice of a log, and the interior of the barn at Chanteclaire Farm

They brought the Western Pennsylvania tradition of a cookie table to Maryland:

three different photos of cookies and a closeup of treat bags.

closeup of a guest signing painting, a decoration, and jars of sand from a sand ceremony on a tray with the wedding date inscribed

A couple more portraits:

bride and groom nuzzle in front of a barn door.full length photo groom leans against a barn door while his bride caresses his cheek.

Amy and Eric are marvelous dancers. Their first dance took place in the upper level of the barn where guests were seated for dinner:

first dance bride looks away as she waltzes beneath twinkle lights inside of a barnbride swings her leg as she dances with her groom

Amy met Father Gerry Creedon while working with Catholic Charities. They became friends through their shared passion for social justice. He played mandolin and sang a blessing for the couple:

a priest sings as he plays a mandoline beneath twinkle lights.

Cutting the cake:

Bride and groom stand next to each other as they cut their wedding cake. bride looks over at groom.

There was never a doubt that this was going to happen:

bride and groom laugh as they smear cake on each other's faces

Dancing started out on the covered deck on the side of the barn:

Bride dances a jig with a woman in a black dress and a woman in a red dress

Music was provided by a couple of talented friends, Katie and Logan Kraft:

guitar player sings passionately into a microphone as a woman in a blue dress accompanies himbride and groom dance in front of their guests.

After dinner, Amy and Rick started the reception off with a traditional father and daughter dance:

a bride dances with her father during her wedding

Which quickly turned into a choreographed flash mob:

bride and her father dance in front of a crowd of guests as they lead them in a choreographed bends over and touches the dance floor with one arm while the other arm is raised in the air. A group of guests stand around him.bride raises her hands in the air and smiles as she dances with her bridesmaids wearing red dresses

Amy and Eric find a quiet moment on the dance floor:

seen from above a bride and groom dance close to one another in the middle of a crowded dancefloor

The night ended with a campfire, toasted marshmallows, and drinks:

a woman steps up to a campfire while toasting a marshmallow. Another woman in a red dress sits while toasting her own marshmallow. A night time view of guests gathered around the base of the silo at Chanteclaire Farm. The rooster logo is backlit at the top of the silo.

Thanks again for allowing us to be a part of such a wonderful celebration!

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