Photos from Jessie and Dave’s fabulous Pittsburgh Golf Club Wedding!

A bride and groom stand in the sunlight with puffy white clouds in the blue sky above them.

It was a crisp fall afternoon at for Jessie and Dave’s Pittsburgh Golf Club wedding in Squirrel Hill. The leaves were turning, the sun was shining, and the blue skies were filled with puffy white clouds. Besides a bit of wind, it was as perfect as it gets around here. Which was great for some outside photos, but the real action was inside of the historic club.

The entry post to the Pittsburgh Golf Club in Squirrel Hill

I don’t know who was more excited about the wedding day – Jessie or her parents. Here she adjusts her dad John’s bow tie:

A young woman wearing a white bathrobe adjusts her father's bow tie as they smile at one another.

Some details including bridal party flowers, something borrowed and a silver sixpence, and John’s fantastic Black Dog tie from Martha’s Vineyard:

Wedding flowers in vases, a closeup of a man wearing a bow tie, and a letter from a bride to her groom.

While the ladies got ready upstairs, Dave (center) and the guys practiced their dance moves. There was a surprise in store for Jessie (Lisa’s photo):

Three men wearing blue suits and bow ties practice their dance moves.

Some more details:

red, purple, and pink flowers and kiddush cups closeup of a lavishly set table at a wedding, overall shot of a room filled with dining tables, a chest for envelopes at a wedding A pair of ruby colored suede womens shoes, several men's brown oxford shoes with colorful pink and purple socks

Dave smiles (who wouldn’t?) upon opening a box with a handsome Shinola watch, compliments of Jessie (Lisa’s photo):

A groom wearing a blue suit and a pink bow tie smiles as he shows a box with a watch from Shinola that his bride gave him

Not to be outdone, Dave got Jessie a beautiful pair of earrings:

A bride smiles as she opens a box with earrings in it from her husband-to-be. Bride's mother looks on and smiles.

Jessie’s mom Denise opens the clasp on an heirloom pearl necklace:

closeup of a woman's hands opening the clasp on a pearl necklace

Denise tears up as she holds a gift from Jessie. It was a bottle of the perfume that Denise’s late mother wore. Such a beautiful reminder of the presence of loved ones who have passed away. And a great moment between a daughter and her mom:

A mother and daughter face each other as the mother holds back tears on her daughter's wedding day

Jessie and Dave’s first look was on the balcony above the dance floor at the Pittsburgh Golf Club:

a groom smiles as he turns to see his bride as she puts her hand on his arm during their first look at their Pittsburgh Golf Club Wedding black and white photo of a bride and groom embracing while standing on a balcony at the Pittsburgh Golf Club

The late afternoon light before the wedding ceremony was amazing! Such an elegant locale:

A bride and groom are lit by late afternoon sunlight in front of the Pittsburgh Golf Club. Puffy clouds float in the blue sky and the American flag flies in the right corner of the frame. A bride and groom touch foreheads as they embrace while standing on a golf course.

Rabbi Jamie Gibson of Temple Sinai holds a havdalah candle in a ceremony in the Grill Room prior to signing the ketubah:

A rabbi chants a prayer as he holds a lit candle during a ketubah signing ceremony witness smiles as he looks at a rabbi who is giving him instruction on where to sign the ketubah during a wedding at the Pittsburgh Golf Club

Jessie and Dave take a few minutes to relax before the wedding ceremony:

Bride and groom relax as they sit next to one another with their feet up on a table.

Jessie and her parents prepare to walk down the aisle:

Bride smiles as she stands between her mother and father as they prepare to walk down the aisle at her wedding.

Dave stands with his parents and brother as he watches Jessie walk towards him:

groom stands in dramatic side light as he watches his bride walk towards him

Jessie circles Dave prior to standing beneath the chuppah:

Bride smiles as she circles her groom during their Jewish wedding ceremony at the Pittsburgh Golf Club

The view from the balcony (Lisa’s photo):

View from above as a bride and groom exchange wedding vows beneath a chuppah.

Rabbi Gibson blesses the couple. This is one of my favorite photos from last year. I’m so glad that it is also very meaningful for Jessie and Dave and their family. That’s the goal I strive for. If you look at the photo above you’ll see that there wasn’t much room to move between the chuppah and the wall. I kind of had to crouch behind a bridesmaid and pop up when I saw the right moment 😀

Bride and groom close their eyes and bow their heads as their rabbi puts his hands on each of their shoulders for a blessing Groom drinks wine from a kiddush cup while his bride looks on smiling

It wouldn’t be a Pittsburgh wedding without a cookie table! (mostly Lisa’s photos):

three views of an ornate Pittsburgh cookie table candies, korean blue wooden ducks, and macaroons at a Pittsburgh cookie table

Jessie and Dave are introduced into the reception:

Bride and groom smile as they enter their reception during their Pittsburgh Golf Club wedding

First dance:

Bride and groom stretch out their arms as they hold hands while dancing

It was hot, but Jessie’s brother was ready with a handkerchief:

bride smiles as her bearded brother reaches from behind her and wipes the sweat from her face on the dancefloor at her wedding reception.

Jessie’s bridesmaids surprised her with a flash mob! It was a top-secret operation to disseminate the dance moves to the wedding guests from around the country:

A woman in a long burgundy dress has her hands on her hips as she leads a crowd of people in a flash mob dance.

It was a complete surprise!

Bride bends at the waist as she laughs while watching her guests dance.

The wedding party and guests danced the Horah as the band played Hava Nagila:

Bride dances with her mother and mother in law, while groom holds hands with his father in law while dancing in a circle bride and groom laugh while holding a white cloth napkin as they are raised in chairs during the hora dance at their Pittsburgh Golf Club wedding.

The rest of the night was filled with music and dancing. It was wonderful!

Bride holds hands with another woman as they spin around in a circle while dancing

Dave and his groomsmen dance together (next two photos by Lisa):

groom bends backwards while dancing with his friends at his wedding. They're wearing suspenders, white shirts, and untied bow ties. two men hold hands over their heads as they spin around on the dance floor at a wedding. Woman at right laughs as she watches them.

Even the young kids got into the groove:

A little blonde girl raises her fist in the air as her hair flies up while dancing with another young girl at a wedding reception. A woman looks up laughing while another woman looks at her smiling while dancing at a wedding reception.

All good things must end. Dave invites Jessie to the evening’s final dance:

A groom dramatically bows low as he takes his bride's hand at their wedding reception. Bride and groom kiss on the dance floor as their guests applaud during their Pittsburgh Golf Club Wedding.

By the way, my photo booth was up and running during the wedding reception. The guests had a great time with it:

Photo Booth images from a Pittsburgh Golf Club Wedding


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