Lingrow Farm Wedding

Kristin and Mark’s Lingrow Farm Wedding:

bride and groom face each other as they stand in a farmer's field at sunlight

This was probably the most beautiful weekend of last summer: Jes and David‘s wedding was on Saturday followed by Kristin and Mark’s on Sunday, and they both had perfect weather for their outdoor weddings.

Kristin put a huge amount of effort into planning the wedding day. It’s rare to see this level of attention to detail. Lingrow Farm is already a beautiful venue, but Kristin turned it up a couple of notches. Even with all of that careful planning, it was a day filled with spontaneity and joy.

Getting Ready

Kristin and the bridesmaids have their hair and makeup done while a grasshopper hangs on to the screened porch:

a grasshopper perches on a screened porch window as a bride has her hair and makeup donea bride looks at her makeup in a hand held mirror as her bridesmaids get ready for her wedding

Mark and Kristin’s brother Matt share a laugh over drinks at Mark and Kristin’s house (Lisa’s photo).

two men share a laugh as they drink from red solo cups

Kristin and her mom Sis embrace as Kristin gets dressed.

a bride smiles as she embraces her tearful mother while getting ready for her wedding

First Look

Mark kisses Kristin’s hand during their first look.

a groom kisses his bride's hand as they see each other for the first time in their wedding clothes

Mark and the guys.

groom punches his best man on the shoulder as he and his side walk to the ceremony

Kristin and her girls walk towards the barn for the ceremony.

bride leads her bridesmaids to the wedding ceremony

Mark holds Kristin’s bouquet for her (Lisa’s photo):

groom yells as he holds the bride's bouquet in the air

Ceremony by the Pond

Kristin and the girls get ready to walk down to the ceremony site from the basement of the barn.

bride laughs with her bridesmaids as they stand in a room waiting to walk to the ceremony

Kristin and her dad Dave watch the bridesmaids walk to the ceremony.

bride rests her head on her father's shoulder as they watch the bridesmaids walk down the aisle before them

Then it was their turn. What a beautiful scene!

bride and her father walk across a vast lawn on a beautiful summer day on their way to her wedding ceremony

Sis watches with pride as Kristin and Dave approach.

bride's mom looks with pride at her daughter and husband as they approach down the aisle at her wedding ceremony

The handoff.

smiles all around as the father of the bride hands his daughter off to her husband to be

The couple exchange vows.

bride and groom hold hands and smile during their wedding ceremony

Married! I love their expressions 😄

bride and groom hold their hands up in celebration at the end of their wedding ceremonybride and groom kiss as they walk away from their wedding ceremony


The rings.

wedding and engagement rings are artfully arranged on wooden letters saying mr & mrs

Some details.

details from a wedding day including tables, decorations, candy, dress, shoes

Reception in the Barn

Mark cracks Kristin up as they’re announced into the reception.

groom makes his bride laugh before they walk into their wedding reception

I think everyone knew that this was going to happen.

bride and groom smash cake on each other

Getting cleaned up before their first dance.

bride and groom wash cake off of their faces

All cleaned up (Lisa’s photo).

bride and groom touch foreheads as they share their first dance

During dinner we ran back outside to catch the last of the day’s sunlight.

bride laughs as her husband whispers in her ear

So cute!

cute baby girl and her mother walk down a path wearing dresses and cowboy boots

Kristin and her dad share a dance (Lisa’s photo).

bride dances with her father

It was Mark and his mom, Eugenia’s turn next:

groom and his mother dance

Everybody dance!

a baby's face is smooshed against his mother's shoulder as they dancewoman in green sticks her tongue out while dancing with her boyfriend

Lisa’s photo.

groom and his friends dance energetically at his wedding reception

There’s Rachel from Pittsburgh Wedding Cinema in the upper left corner. She’s so talented, I love working with her. Here’s a link to the highlight reel.

bride and groom dance with each other during their wedding receptionbride and her bridesmaids dance in a group

Lisa’s photo.

woman smiles and man holds his hands in the air as they dance

A fireworks display – the perfect way to cap off the day.

red fireworks explode above a bride and groom as they embrace at the end of their wedding reception