The G-20 protests started over last weekend and look like they’ll pick up over the next few days as dignitaries and national media arrive in Pittsburgh.

I walked downtown today to check out a protest calling for increased funding for AIDS medication.  It was interesting and I met some nice folks who feel very strongly that governments should be doing more to help those with HIV and AIDS.

Winsome Johnson of Bronx, New York

The police were watchful, but kept their distance.

This guy didnt quite know what was going on.

This guy didn't quite know what was going on.

Later I went to Friendship Park to photograph an event billed as a gathering of Anarchists.  It was very much a Summer of Love type of event.  There were a few speakers, a lot of reunions of people from out of town, and a pot-luck dinner for anybody who cared to join in.

All in all, a very peaceful day.  It remains to be seen how the rest of the week turns out, but so far things have been pretty low key.