This was my first Ace Hotel Wedding – hopefully the first of many. Because Kristine and Tim’s celebration was everything I love about weddings! Like I told Kristine when we were saying goodbye at the end of the night, “I think I found my people.” Really. I’m grateful that they basically told me a couple of things that were important to them and then they set me loose. Kristine and Tim honored me with their trust and I am super happy with the resulting images. So are they 🙂

A blonde bride wearing glasses laughs as her groom looks at her and smiles in the late afternoon sun during their Ace Hotel Wedding.

Allegheny Courthouse Wedding

A woman in a pink pantsuit holds up her hands as she steps barefooted through a metal detector before her Allegheny County Courthouse wedding.

They actually officially got married the day before in a ceremony on the steps of the Allegheny County Courthouse. Which meant everyone had to pass through security before. Fun!

Two photos of a bride and groom as they exchange vows during their Allegheny County Courthouse wedding.

Kristine is so expressive! Tim is chill – they complement one another so well.

A bride wearing a pink pantsuit grins as she gets ready to put the ring on her grooms finger as they get married on the steps inside the Allegheny County Courthouse.

Brides, how about that pink pantsuit?

A bride in a pink pantsuit bends over and laughs as she turns to her family after kissing her groom beneath the arch in the stairway at the Allegheny County Courthouse.

Kristine was having fun.

A bride in a pink pantsuit holds her hand on her groom's shoulder as they laugh.

There’s some beautiful natural light in the courthouse. H.H. Richardson designed the landmark building which features his trademark arches everywhere.

A couple faces each other as they are framed in an arch at the Allegheny County Courthouse. A man wearing a red jacket walks down the stairs in front of them.

I was having a little fun adding some flash to the existing light when this guy walked down the stairs between us. Perfect! I love wedding photos that don’t look like wedding photos.

A man and a woman are silhouetted in the arched window at the top of the stairs at the Allegheny County Courthouse.

Wedding Day at the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh

A seated woman embraces a friend as another woman stands nearby ready to apply makeup. Also, a table with fresh bread, prosciutto, olives, and champagne. A table with half empty bottles of beer and bourbon. A group of men laugh as they sit and lay around a hotel bed.

The ladies got ready on the fourth floor and the guys were on the second floor. So I bounced back and forth while they took their time getting ready. The girls had snacks and champagne. The guys had beer, bourbon and 5 hour energy. These choices speak volumes 😂

A group of men stand together with their hands touching the shaved heads of two of them in the middle. A bride laughs in a bathroom as her bridesmaid is about to apply lipstick.

Apparently it’s good luck to rub a bald guys head. At least that’s what they said! Kristine’s sister Leanne did her makeup for her.

A bride wearing a white cape holds her chin as she looks out of a window at the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh.

Before we headed to the first look I asked Kristine to jump up on the window seat for a photo. I love her style: A pantsuit, a cape, and a champagne-colored beaded dress. She let me wear the cape for a little while!

A bride holding a bouquet and wearing a white cape gasps as her smiling groom walks into the ballroom at the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh.

The first look and the formal photos took place in The Ballroom.

A grinning bride is kissed on the cheek by her groom at their Ace Hotel wedding.

Such a great moment!

A bride looks up to sun and laughs while wearing a white cape and a champagne colored beaded dress. Another photo shows her seated looking out a window.

We did a few portraits before the ceremony. I especially like these two.

Ceremony in the Gym

A groom is illuminated by a shaft of sunlight as he enters the gym with his parents during his Ace Hotel wedding.

The sunlight was shining into the gym near the entrance as Tim walked in with his parents.

A laughing bride walks with her mother and father into the gym during her Ace Hotel wedding.

Kristine with her mom and dad.

A groom kisses his bride on the cheek as she looks upward with tears in her eyes during their Ace Hotel wedding.

So sweet!

A bride and groom exchange vows during their Ace Hotel wedding.

The couple wrote their vows. They were beautiful, heartfelt, funny and poetic.

A bride grins as she pulls a rope up that she and her groom hold. The rope has a knot in it.

The ceremony was finished when their friend who was officiating wrapped their hands. Then they literally tied the knot!


A bride and groom walk and embrace outside of the Ace Hotel in Pittsburgh.

It was an amazing early spring day. So we went outside for some portraits while the guests enjoyed cocktails.

A bride and groom hold hands as they stand by the front door of the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh.

The Ace is a very cool place!

A grinning bride holds hands with her groom as they cross the street in front of the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh.

Heading back inside for the reception.

Some Details

Details from a wedding in the gym of the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh. Including the old YMCA logo painted on the floor, an escort table, and a purple draped table with a large bouquet on top of it.
Place setting in a family-style dinner setup for a wedding reception in the gym of the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh. Green, white, and purple are the colors.

Dinner was family style – and it was delicious! The green, white and purple color scheme really fit the room.

Dramatic sunlight streams into the gym at the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh illuminating flowers and a man with a shaved head.

An overhead view of a cocktail hour during an Ace Hotel Wedding.

Cocktails were served in the same room as dinner and the ceremony.

Ace Hotel Wedding Reception

A grinning bride raises her champagne glass as her sisters give her a toast.

Toasts! Kristine’s sisters teamed up for theirs. Kristine enjoyed it.

Parents dances during an Ace Hotel wedding.

Parent’s dances preceded the couple’s first dance.

A bride and groom smile as they dance in the gym of the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh.

Kristine and Tim aren’t ones to hold on to each other and sway. It made photographing their first dance a challenge, but it was a lot of fun.

A groom dips his bride as they kiss at the end of their first dance during their Ace Hotel wedding.

Their dance ended with a kiss❤️

People dance during a wedding reception in the gym at the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh. A man balances a glass of water on his head.

After the formalities were done the rest of the night was one massive dance party. It was a blast!

A groom wearing glasses, a dark suit, and with a shaved head squats with a group of friends as they dance during his wedding reception at the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh.

Tim and his buddies.

Men and women dance during a wedding at the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh.

Kristine danced with her friends while Tim was with his.

A bride and groom embrace and look at each other while dancing during their Ace Hotel wedding.

They met up at the end.

I was buzzing for days after this wedding. I had so much fun! I’m definitely looking forward to the next Ace Hotel Wedding that I photograph. If you like the photos from this wedding – and I hope that you do – then check out this one.