Now that the Holidays are past us it seems that wedding planning has gone into high gear for many couples. I’ve had a lot of inquiries and some very nice conversations with prospective clients for remaining dates in 2010.

One question that I’ve been asked more than a few times is, “Will you be at the big wedding show at the end of January?”

I won’t.

I feel that the sensory overload that can result for brides attending one of these affairs really doesn’t fit with what my business is all about. What I do is kind of quiet, very personal, and custom made. Not the sort of thing that comes across well in the crush of a crowd.

If that sounds a little snobbish, then I apologize because that’s not my intention at all. In fact, I plan on attending a small show at the Succop Conservancy on April 3.

If you’re going to one of the big shows coming up you will find this article on the ISPWP website to be very useful.  There are links to some other short articles about choosing and interviewing photographers.

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