As promised, here are the photos from Alex and Rich’s wedding at Armstrong Farms in Butler County.

I won’t go on about the weather – it seems we’ve been getting a lot of it lately:) – but after looking at the photos with some fresh eyes I really like the quality of the light from that day.  Armstrong Farms is such a cool place for a wedding, and the relaxed atmosphere seems to put people at ease.

I mean, how can you not feel good with dogs and geese running (or laying) around?

Armstrong Farms Wedding

Armstrong Farms Wedding Photograph

Pittsburgh Wedding Photography Armstrong Farms

Alex got ready in the Bonnie House:

Pittsburgh Wedding Armstrong Farms

It’s nice to have a bridesmaid who is also a makeup artist!

Armstrong Farms Wedding

Alex checks her dress and makeup in the mirror:

Armstrong Farms Wedding Photography


The bridesmaids all wore blue dresses of their choosing.  Alex put the girls into the order she wanted them to stand during the wedding:

Bridesmaids Dresses

Meanwhile, the guys were hanging out over at the Love Cottage:

groomsmen Armstrong Farms

The girls enjoyed a glass of wine and a laugh:

Bridal photo Armstrong Farms

The guests started to arrive and Alex checked out the progress while remaining out of sight:

Armstrong Farms Weddings

Then it was time for the guys to head over to the barn for the ceremony:

groom armstrong farms

Move dogs!

armstrong farms cottage

Waiting for the cue to begin the processional:

Armstrong Farms Barn Wedding

Alex and her dad walk down the aisle:

barn wedding armstrong farms

Rich sees his bride for the first time.  I love the look on his face:

armstrong farms barn ceremony

barn wedding ceremony

barn wedding pittsburgh

wedding ring pittsburgh

The program included a short bio of each member of the wedding party.  Apparently, it made for some entertaining reading:

bridal party pittsburgh

While the cocktail hour started Alex and Rich and I went for a short walk to do some photos:

armstrong farms wedding portrait

country wedding pittsburgh

The lovely bride:

pittsburgh bridal portrait

The rain started again, and this guy helped out with his umbrella as the bridal party made their way to the dinner tent:

rainy wedding day pittsburgh

The couple made their entrance into the tent:

outdoor wedding tent

Rich’s dad gave a speech which included a moving tribute to Rich’s late mother.  This is one of my favorite images from the day because of the love it shows between father and son:

armstrong farms wedding

pittsburgh outdoor wedding rain

Yes, it’s still raining:

pittsburgh rainy wedding

The after dinner party started off with the cake cutting.

cake cutting fun

There were no utensils laid out, but luckily one of the guests had his hunting knife.  Actually, when you have a wedding between a girl from West Virginia and a boy from Uniontown, the chances are pretty good that someone will have their hunting knife on them!

funny cake cutting photo

Then it was on to the first dance:

pittsburgh wedding first dance

barn wedding dancing

About then, the skies cleared up and we were given a beautiful sunset so we ran outside for some more photos.  I love sunsets!

pittsburgh wedding photography sunset

Then it was back inside for the bouquet toss and the garter.  Rich performed a 007-themed dance, complete with the soundtrack!

pittsburgh bouquet toss photo

bouquet toss photo

And the winner is:

bouquet toss photo

The name is Bond, James Bond:

groom garter photo

pittsburgh wedding garter

Rich’s dad and uncle sang a traditional Polish song for the couple:

Pittsburgh wedding singer

Pittsburgh Polish Wedding

The West Virginia contingent gathered in a circle to sing John Denver’sCountry Roads

pittsburgh weddings

pittsburgh weddings

And finally, I’ll never be able to hear Billy Joel’sThe Piano Man” without thinking of Rich leading his guests in a sing-along:

wedding photography in pittsburgh

pittsburgh wedding photography

We had a lot of fun covering this wedding.  Thanks very much to Alex and Rich for having us there and for being so open and generous.

Check out the slideshow below for more photos from this wedding.  It’s a new feature that I’m pretty excited to be able use to show even more photos than I could before.