Jeff is a planner, that’s for sure.  He convinced Amanda to come to Pittsburgh for a Penguins game just before Thanksgiving.  Little did she know what he had in store for their visit!

Jeff had actually contacted me weeks before and we hatched a plan to take Amanda by surprise.  Jeff told Amanda that he wanted to take some pictures of the skyline from Mt. Washington.  When they arrived I was there pretending to be doing the same.  As part of the act, Jeff asked me if I’d mind taking a photo of them together with their camera. After taking a couple of pictures I pretended that I didn’t know how turn on the screen on the back of the camera to check whether or not the picture came out.  Amanda stepped over to show me how and that’s when Jeff pulled the ring out of his pocket and went down on one knee.  Our act must have been pretty convincing because complete surprise was achieved:


This is the point in time when Amanda realized that I was a part of the plan:


Mount_Washington_Engagement_PortraitsMount_Washington_Engagement_Portraits Best wishes to you both as you plan your wedding!  Too bad the Pens couldn’t beat the Blues, but at least they got to see Sidney Crosby play.  All in all, it was a pretty good visit.