Baptism at Saints John and Paul Parish

One of the very best things about photographing weddings is staying in touch with my couples and seeing their families grow. It’s really a wonderful experience to see them as parents after having photographed them as a young couple just starting their lives together. That’s why I was so grateful that Julia and Steve asked me to photograph their son James’ baptism at Saints John and Paul Parish.

Look at that face! Like an angel 👼🏼

An infant in a white sweater folds his hands together and seems to smile as a man's hand rests on his forehead during a Baptism at Saints John and Paul Parish.

Julia holds James up while his grandfather reaches out to hold his hand. Steve stands with the godparents and his and Julia’s daughter Isabel.

A woman holds a baby in front of an older man who reaches out to touch the child's hand. In the background three adults stand with an older child. A woman lifts the child into the air during a Baptism at Saints John and Paul Parish.

Deacon Tom splashes water from the baptismal font on to James’ head as the family looks on. Kids these days have it so easy – the water in the font is warm so I think James enjoyed it. I love this photo.

During a Baptism at Saints John and Paul Parish a deacon splashes water on to the head of a baby held over a baptismal font by his smiling mother. The father holds the couple's other child and has his hand on the mother's shoulder. Another woman (the godmother) in the background smiles as she watches.

Deacon Tom leads the family and friends gathered in a blessing to the mother and child.

In a modern church a woman holds her baby on the altar while a deacon leads a blessing on the mother and child. He holds his hand in the air as do the people standing in the pews during a Baptism at Saints John and Paul Parish.

Dads need blessings too 😊

A mother holding a baby in one arm holds the other hand up in a blessing to her husband who holds the couple's older child during a Baptism at Saints John and Paul Parish.

Deacon Tom presents the newly-baptized James to the applause of friends and family.

A deacon holds up a newly baptized baby for the congregation to see during a Baptism at Saints John and Paul Parish. The mother and father are standing behind him applauding.


One of the things I’m always thinking about when I photograph a wedding is the importance of family. That includes the generation of the couple getting married, their parents, and their grandparents if they are lucky enough to still have them. But it also includes people who aren’t even here yet. I encourage you to take a look at the photos from Julia and Steve’s wedding. Reading what I wrote about them then (Julia is energetic and enthusiastic, Steve is laid-back and positive) you can get a glimpse of what kind of parents they would be.

Being the kind of guy who looks upon wedding photography as a storyteller, that’s kind of awesome to me. This is just the most recent example. I’ve been photographing weddings for a long time. I always marvel at the direction life takes for my couples in the years after their wedding. Like I said at the beginning, I’m grateful to be able to stay in touch with my couples and see their families grow.