Because of COVID-19 I haven’t photographed any weddings yet this year. Soon though!! But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. Several clients have taken advantage of the extra time they’ve had at home to finalize designs on their beautiful wedding albums.

A Couple of Beautiful Wedding Albums

Two beautiful wedding albums: one a 12x12 and one a 10x10. The covers are bold colors purple and sea blue/green.

Black is cool. It’s a classic choice for a cover. White has traditionally been a popular cover option, too. But we’re in the second decade of the 21st century, you can do whatever you want when it comes to an album cover. Purple? Sure! A light, sea blue? Yep, we can do that, too. The bottom line is that your wedding album ought to reflect your taste and style.

Side view of two wedding albums showing the thickness of their pages.

The binding and archival pages give these beautiful wedding albums a solid heft and a feeling of lasting quality. The leather smells wonderful, too!

The presentation box of a 12x12 album with book wrapped inside a protective sleeve.

Marian and Chris’ 12×12 came in a 2-piece storage box for safe keeping.

The binding of a beautiful custom 12x12 wedding album showing the square spine of the book.

I’ve played around with binding books myself. Just enough to recognize how well made these albums are.

A two page spread of the ceremony is featured in this beautiful wedding album.

Each of the 2-page spreads is like a chapter in the narrative of the wedding day. An album tells a story. It helps you to remember how you felt, but also helps you to tell that story to your kids and grandkids. This spread shows their ceremony at Robert Morris University Chapel. It’s a beautiful spot!

Detail photo of the sea blue/green leather cover of a 12x12 wedding album.

The opening spread of a 12x12 wedding album features a portrait of the bride and groom.

The opening spread measuring 24-inches by 12-inches provides for a dramatic presentation of a portrait of Marian and Chris. The printing is colorful and sharp.

Detail photo of the gold leaf embossing of the couples' names and wedding date on the cover of a beautiful wedding album.

Marian and Chris opted to have their names and wedding date embossed in gold print on the front cover.

Purple – a Bold Choice

A purple leather covered wedding album leans against a green wall.

An open wedding album shows a 2-page spread of a wedding ceremony at the Grand Concourse in Pittsburgh.

Bethany and Mike went with a purple leather cover for their book. It matched the colors they chose for their wedding. You’ve got to love the Grand Concourse!

A 10x10 album wrapped in a protective sleeve sits inside of a presentation box with a hinged cover.

The 10×10 album comes with a presentation box that has a hinged cover.

A 10x10 wedding album with the thick, archival pages spread out.

This photo gives you a sense of the thickness of the pages. These albums are built for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Detail photo of the purple leather on the cover of a beautiful custom wedding album.

An Heirloom to be Passed Down

The thing about an album (and prints) is that it’s a document to be enjoyed and passed down. These things are meant to become part of your family history so they’re built to last. After a lot of trials and research I’ve determined that Renaissance albums offer the quality and craftsmanship that best complements the images that I make for my couples. Also, the books have a lifetime warranty. Like I said before, if you take care of them they’ll last for generations to come.

For my past clients, there’s no better time than the present to sit down and do it. Seriously, I make it easy for you. I can put together a preliminary design for you using the images I think best tell your story. When you’ve got a design to look at things make better sense. You can swap out and replace any images you want. Then it’s just a matter of getting the design to the point where you say, “Yeah, I love it!”


Maybe cost has been an issue. There’s no doubt that books of this quality are an investment. I want to help however I can so you can split the payments up over time. Maybe it’s still a stretch, so I also offer some lower cost alternatives. Just reach out and I can provide more details.

Just a little note on the photos: all I had with me at the time was my iPhone XS. The best camera is the one that you have with you.