Best 2017 Wedding Photos

Best 2017 wedding photos. It’s kind of an odd thing to write. You might as well ask me to pick my favorite child 😄

A bride and groom face each other as they stand high above the skyline of the city of Pittsburgh at sunset best 2017 wedding photos.

It was a pretty compelling experience to look back on a year’s worth of weddings and choose a few photos from each. The context changes from narrative storytelling to something a little different. For sure the photos have to stand on their own, but taken as a whole collection and set to appropriate music it’s a pretty moving experience. This isn’t so much about what I’m trying to show in the photos, but what people feel when they look at them.


There are 180 photos, so it moves kind of fast. I didn’t put them into any particular order – in fact I tried to keep them as random as I could. It was interesting to see how photographs of couples from very different weddings play off of each other.

Thank You to My Clients

I’m so grateful to each of these couples for placing their trust in me to tell their stories. I worked hard to give each of them a collection of images that reflects their personalities and how they show their love for one another and their families and friends.

Why Photos Matter

Someday down the line I hope that these photos will help them to remember what it was like on their wedding day. How the groom felt upon seeing the love of his life for the first time dressed in a beautiful dress. Or the emotion that swept over the bride as she spoke her vows to her husband-to-be. Believe me, time marches on and our lives fill up with all sorts of things like work, kids, and mortgages. A photograph has the awesome power to snap us back in an instant to the time it was taken. It can bring out those deep memories and feelings that have been carefully stored away. I got a little verklempt watching this slideshow, so I’m also grateful to these couples for sharing a bit of themselves with me. I’ll carry that forward in my heart.

P.S. Thanks to the folks at Smartslides for their hard work and amazing customer service.