Carnegie Museum Wedding

Megan and Ryan’s Carnegie Museum Wedding:

A young married couple faces each other as they stand next to Christmas trees in the Carnegie Museum hall of architecture

Coming up to the holidays it seems especially appropriate to be featuring Megan and Ryan’s beautiful wedding from last December. Megan planned a whole lot of surprises for Ryan and their guests including a visit from Santa Claus 🙂 She’s such a thoughtful and kind person.

Winter Wedding Day

Pittsburgh weather being what it is in December, the day started out with rain and wind. Megan took it all in stride as she made her way to Heinz Chapel.

a woman laughs as her umbrella is turned inside out during a windy rain storm

Meanwhile, the guys were warm and dry (Lisa’s photo).

Carnegie Museum Wedding 03

The junior bridesmaids wait as Megan puts her dress on.

Carnegie Museum Wedding 04Carnegie Museum Wedding 05

Among the many special touches were the holiday-themed box that the ring bearer carried.

Carnegie Museum Wedding 06

Megan paused for a portrait on the stairs as she came up from the getting-ready room in the basement.

Carnegie Museum Wedding 08

Upstairs to the Ceremony

Megan and her dad walk down the aisle. Heinz is such a beautiful church.

Carnegie Museum Wedding 09

As part of their ceremony Megan and Ryan sealed a bottle of wine in a box that was made from barnwood from Ryan’s grandfather’s farm in Montana. They’ll enjoy the wine on their first anniversary.

Carnegie Museum Wedding 10Carnegie Museum Wedding 12

A Parade Over to the Carnegie

In another surprise for their guests, Megan arranged for carolers in costume to lead their guests from Heinz Chapel over to the nearby Carnegie Museum.

carolers lead wedding guests from Heinz Chapel to the Carnegie Museum

The Carnegie Music Hall Foyer is an elegant space. It looked especially lovely with the green marble and their red and white flowers.

Carnegie Museum Wedding 14

Rings. Love.

Carnegie Museum Wedding 15

A portrait on the grand staircase in the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh.

Carnegie Museum Wedding 16

A Reception Filled With Surprises

Megan surprised Ryan by having the announcer for the Minnesota Vikings (Ryan’s favorite team) record their introduction (Lisa’s photo).

Carnegie Museum Wedding 17

He was floored.

smiling groom hugs his bride

They had their first dance as their guests watched from the balcony above.

Carnegie Museum Wedding 18

The kids had a great time (Lisa’s photo).

Carnegie Museum Wedding 21


Carnegie Museum Wedding 22

Next up was a dance-off between Ryan and the ring bearer. That kid can dance!

Carnegie Museum Wedding 23

More surprises! ROC, the Pittsburgh Panther, showed up to lead a conga line. Then Santa made an appearance and handed gifts out to the kids.

Carnegie Museum Wedding 22a

The couple has a quiet moment on the balcony as their guests party below.

Carnegie Museum Wedding 24