Apologies to David Bowie, but I’m very excited about the new packages I just rolled out this weekend.

I’m especially jazzed about the new books I’m offering from Asuka and Finao. I encourage you to check them out. You’ll see that they offer the finest quality books in their categories.

I’ve been very happy with the books I’ve offered up to now, more importantly so have my clients. It’s my responsibility to keep up with the many, many book products out there and after a lot of research I’ve decided to go with these two companies.

Asuka offers printed books that exceed the quality of a fine-art book you might buy at a bookstore.

The Finao books are made from flush-mounted photographs and represent a very high-end option that can be customized to create a unique keepsake – how about a hot pink leather cover with a leopard-print accent!

Or not. The point is that customers are able to create something that represents their individual vision and taste.

Whichever book you choose they are custom designed by yours truly. I don’t use templates that you just plug pictures into, I design each page. As always, you’ll be able to proof the pages in an online gallery. The books are printed once you approve the design.

While my new packages are built around the books, I continue to offer a package without books for those couples with simpler needs. They all, I feel, are priced competitively and offer an outstanding value.

Whatever the package you choose, I bring all the experience and skills acquired over 17 years as a professional photographer.

Whatever I’m shooting – be it news, sports, portraits, or weddings – I’m still growing and seeing things with fresh eyes. That is the most exciting thing to me.