Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh Wedding

There was a whole lot of this sort of thing going on all day long at Anne and Andy’s Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh wedding. Seriously. Anne and Andy don’t just giggle, it’s a deep down, teary-eyed, throw-your-head-back belly laugh🤣

That sense of joy set the tone for the entire day!

A young bride and groom hold on to one another in a wooded setting and laugh.

Getting Ready

Anne’s mom Lisa shares the joy when the flowers from Green Sinner arrived.

A woman holds a bouquet of flowers as an older woman leans over to her and smiles. Another woman in a black tank top stands at the rear of the frame.

Andy’s gift to Anne was a Pittsburgh Steelers’ T.J. Watt jersey. Nice!

A woman holds up a number 90 Pittsburgh Steelers jersey with a look of joy and surprise on her face.

The ladies share a toast with mimosas.

A bride in a white t-shirt toasts with bridesmaids in black tank tops with stemmed glasses filled with mimosas.

A brush paints red lipstick on to a woman's mouth. All you see is the brush, the woman's nose and her lips.

Sprigs of rosemary for the guys and dahlias and roses for the ladies. I bet you’re impressed by my knowledge of flora 😁

Two photos: one is a bunch of labeled boutonnieres made of sprigs of rosemary. The other is a bouquet with orange and white flowers.

Details. Andy’s bespoke Joseph Abboud suit with matching vest was definitely on point.

Three detail photos showing a blue pair of open toed heels, a wedding dress, and a man's torso in a grey suit and vest.

The guys, including best man Kevin, were a big help making sure that Andy looked his best 😉

Men in uniform stand around and joke with a groom wearing a gray suit.

Lisa and Anne’s sister Megan help her into her dress.

A bride holds her hands in the air and laughs as her mother buttons up her wedding dress. The mother laughs too, as do the two bridesmaids behind them.


Two photos of a smiling bride wearing a white dress and pearls.

The Union Project

Over at the Union Project Andy watched as Anne walked towards him…

A groom watches for his bride to walk down the aisle as his groomsmen line up behind him. There is a mustard colored wall behind them.

…on her dad Russ’ arm.

A bride walks down the aisle with her father as guests stand on either side of them. The walls in the room are mustard colored.

The Great Hall at the Union Project is a lovely space.

A bride and groom stand at the front of their ceremony with large stained glass windows behind them.

Andy’s buddy Ian served as officiant. Of course, there were jokes.

A groom looks over at the officiant and smiles as his bride bows her head in laughter.

A groom bends over and kisses his bride as their bridal party smiles.

Portrait Time

The yard outside was perfect for portraits of the couple.

Individual portraits of a bride and groom stand outside with a red-leafed tree behind them.Two photos of a bride and groom holding hands and smiling as they look at each other in a yard outside of a brownstone church.Two photos of a bride and groom outside of a brownstone church.Portrait of a smiling bride holding a bouquet with an out of focus green background.

We stopped on our way to the reception for some portraits at the Roberto Clemente Bridge.

A groom kisses his bride on the forehead as they stand on the walkway of the Roberto Clemente Bridge with the buildings of downtown Pittsburgh behind them.A bride and groom hold their hands high in the air in celebration as they walk across the yellow Roberto Clemente Bridge.The Cloud Arbor sculpture was going off in the background. The ladies didn’t have any idea what was coming…

A bride with her bridesmaids in blue dresses stands in front of a cloud of water vapor.

…until it was on them 😆

Bride and bridesmaids make surprised reactions as they are overtaken by cold water vapor.

While I was taking the portrait at the lead of this post I looked over and saw the bridal party playing in the water vapor in the Cloud Arbor. Kids!

Groomsmen and bridesmaids run through an array of tall metal poles emitting water vapor.

A Musical Family

Anne and Andy’s Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh wedding reception started with an amazing performance by Anne’s talented sister Megan, her dad Russ, and Megan’s husband Harrison on fiddle.

Three wedding guests perform music on guitar and fiddle while a bride and groom celebrate the song.

Dinner and Details

Dinner was in The Studio. I love those ribbons – the view looking straight up is kind of trippy:

Two views of a room with a long table set for a wedding banquet. Pink ribbons hang from the high ceiling.

What would a wedding in Pittsburgh be without a cookie table?

A cookie table and an escort table with a chalkboard showing seating assignments.

Following the performance by Anne’s family, she and Andy greeted their guests at dinner.

A couple stands and greets their guests in a candlelit room with pink ribbons hanging from the ceiling.

The Dancing Really Gets Going

First dance. I love the reactions of their guests!

A couple embraces at the end of their first dance while their guests applaud. There is a giant colored glass bird in the background.

Parent’s dances followed immediately afterwards.

A bride dancing with her father looks over at her groom who is dancing with his mother and smiles.

Andy’s dad Eugene killed it on the dance floor.

A groom in shirtsleeves and a vest dances with his father who holds his hands in the air.A lineup of four men holding beer bottles kick their legs in the air in unison.

Musical talent runs in the family. Anne sat in with the band, Maxwell Strait, for a version of Tammy Wynette’s Stand By Your Man.

A bride laughs and claps her hands as she sings a song into a microphone.

Men in shirts and ties dance during a wedding reception.A bride holding a cigar in her mouth dances with a man in a white shirt.A man draws on a cigar making the tip glow orange as smoke rises above him.Night time photograph of a Children's Museum of Pittsburgh Wedding from outside of the building.A bride holds hands and dances in a circle with a man and a woman during her Children's Museum of Pittsburgh wedding.

A great ending to a wonderful day!

A groom dips his bride who laughs while three women cheer at the end of their Children's Museum of Pittsburgh wedding.


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