An Elegant Wedding at the Hotel Monaco

A bride and groom stand together in front of a boxwood wall with a neon sign with their last name on it.

Alix and Erik had a fabulous wedding at one of Pittsburgh’s premier venues — The Hotel Monaco.

Getting Ready

Alix and her girls had hair and makeup professionals come to the suite at the hotel. That enabled them to chill, have snacks and enjoy one another’s company. Seriously brides-to-be, if you have the option of having your hair and makeup come to you, do it! It takes so much stress out of the day.

A bride sitting in a chair having her hair done smiles at a bridesmaid having her hair done in the next chair.

A bride and bridesmaids toast with champagne while wearing dressing gowns in a hotel room.

See what I mean? No stress, just happiness!

A woman stands on a bed while she holds a dress on a hanger up to a window in a hotel room.

Noa, Alix’s maid of honor, is a talented clothing designer. She made one of Alix’s two wedding dresses. We looked around for a good place to hang it for photos. I’m a fan of Project Runway, so working with the designer was fun!

A closeup photo of a bride smiling at her mom as her mom tears up.

The best parts of getting ready are the emotional moments. Alix’s mom Nancy teared up when she saw how beautiful her daughter looked. Alix’s other wedding dress was the one that Nancy wore for her wedding.

A groom pours glasses of whiskey then toasts with his groomsmen in a hotel room.

Meanwhile, Erik and the guys raised their glasses for a toast.

A bride is surrounded by her bridesmaids as they're seated on a hotel bed.

Alix and her beautiful ladies.

Detail photos of wedding invitations on a gold tray and wedding rings next to a white dahlia.

Some details included the invitations that paid homage to the floor pattern in the Hotel Monaco ballroom.

First Look on the Terrace

A series of photos of a bride and groom having a first look on a rooftop of the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh before their elegant wedding.

I don’t know who looked happier, Erik or Alix. Let’s call it a tie. The actual name of the terrace is the Emporer Rooftop. So I guess that fits with the elegant wedding at the Hotel Monaco theme.

Two separate portraits of a bride in a white dress with a bouquet of white flowers and a groom wearing a black tuxedo with a white rose on his lapel.

The rooftop terrace is also a great spot for couple’s portraits. It’s intimate and away from the noise of the busy streets below. The lead photo of this post was at the other end of the Emperor Rooftop. The ivy wall and neon sign were super classy touches for the cocktail hour.

A groom puts his arm around his bride and touches his head to hers as they smile at the camera on the roof of the Hotel Monaco before their wedding in Pittsburgh.

Two photos of a bride with her bridesmaids and a groom with his groomsmen on the rooftop of the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh. A elegantly attired bridal party seated and standing together at the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

We did some portraits of the ladies and the guys outside then moved inside for an epic portrait of the whole bridal party. Uneven numbers of bridesmaids and groomsmen isn’t all that unusual. In those circumstances it can be a little bit of a challenge to photograph a group. But with a little creativity you can come up with something out of the ordinary.

A groom kisses his bride on the cheek as she smiles while they're seated on a yellow couch at the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

The lobby of the Hotel Monaco is filled with interesting stuff. After this one Alix went upstairs to change into her other dress for the ceremony.

A bride and groom walk and embrace on the street in downtown Pittsburgh near the Hotel Monaco.

We were running a little tight on time but I am so happy that Alix and Erik let me talk them into coming outside for a couple of quick portraits in the second dress.


A bride is walked down the aisle by her parents in elegant attire during her wedding at the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

The wedding ceremony was held in the Sofia Ballroom. Alix’s parents walked her down the aisle.

A bride and groom exchange vows before a rabbi during their wedding at the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

The couple exchanged vows beneath a beautifully decorated chuppah.

A groom steps on a glass and breaks it at the end of a wedding ceremony at the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

Breaking the glass!

A bride and groom celebrate as they walk down the aisle after their elegant wedding at the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.


Flowers and elegant decor in the luxurious ballroom of the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

Just look at the Sheffield Ballroom! I told you this was an elegant wedding at the hotel Monaco Pittsburgh 🙂

Three wedding cakes and a cookie table with cookies in the form of portraits of the bride and groom at the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

Not one or two but THREE cakes! And an excellent cookie table, too. I love the cookie portraits of the couple.

A groom raises his hand in celebration as he and the bride enter the ballroom during their wedding at the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

Erik and Alix make their entrance.

A bride looks emotionally at her maid of honor while she gives a toast.

Noa gave a heartfelt maid of honor toast.

A bride feeds her groom a piece of cake during their elegant wedding at the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

I love how they worked in the theme from the Sofia Ballroom floor pattern into elements of their wedding day, including the cake.

A bride and groom smile as they share their first dance at the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

Dancing was in the foyer between the ballrooms. Music was provided by the John Parker Band.

A bride laughs as the groom dips her at the end of their first dance during their elegant wedding at the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

I was so happy to get a photo of the dip. It’s always a challenge!

A bride and groom hold their clasped hands into the air as their guests applaud after their first dance.

A bride laughs as she is lifted up on a chair during her wedding at the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

The Hora is so much fun to photograph and the foyer is a great place for the dance with a ton of headroom and those super cool columns.

A bride and groom laugh as they are lifted up on chairs in a room with large white columns during their elegant wedding at the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

What a great day! I’m grateful to Alix and Erik for having me photograph their Hotel Monaco wedding.