Family Photos

I’m so grateful to enjoy relationships with my clients long after their wedding day. One of the best things is to see them start families and to get to meet their kids. Earlier this week I was able to get together with Kate and Drew for some family photos with their newborn daughter Claire. I even got to hold her!

Family Photos in Pittsburgh like this young couple and their newborn daughter. They stand in the nursery illuminated by the soft light from a nearby window.

Claire was sleepy. Even though Grandma Marsha tried her best to get the baby to open her eyes, the most Claire would do was stretch and yawn 🙂 That’s the thing with kids: you have to be patient because you’re on their schedule. There are many rewards to being a parent. The opportunity to practice patience is one of the biggest of those rewards. It comes in very handy when they reach the age of 12 or 13 😉

A sequence of photos shows a stretching and yawning baby as she naps in her grandmother's hands.

Mother and daughter – so beautiful! Even in a small room you can find an interesting element if you just keep your eyes open.

A young mother kisses her newborn daughter on the forehead as she is reflected in a picture on the wall.