Kyshia and Jeremy’s Grand Concourse Wedding:

Followers of this website might recognize Kyshia and Jeremy from their engagement portraits that we did in Scottsdale, AZ. It was a terrific session in one of my favorite places – the Valley Ho, so I was excited for their wedding at one of the loveliest venues in Pittsburgh, The Grand Concourse.

Kyshia and Jeremy are smart, kind, and hard-working folks. Being surrounded by family and friends as they celebrated their wedding was very important to them. Just about everybody traveled from out of town to be there with them, so you know that the feeling is mutual. Joining me was my friend and former colleague from our newspaper days, James Knox. We had a lot of fun, and James always humors me by wearing a bow tie (like me) when we have the chance to work together.

Here are some of my favorite photos from their day:

A bride and groom hold hands as they walk on the stone plaza next to the fountain in Point State Park.

Kyshia and Jeremy got ready at the Sheraton Station Square:

A bride smiles as she holds her wedding dress by a personalized hanger in front of a hotel room wedding. A groom is reflected in a mirror shaped like a sunburst.

Kyshia and her bridesmaid check the dress for wrinkles after steaming it:

A bride and bridesmaid smooth out the wrinkles on a wedding dress hanging in the window of a hotel room.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and his guys got ready in a different room (photo by James):

A groom and his groomsmen put on their tuxedos in a messy hotel room lit by a window at the far end of the room.

Kyshia’s mom reacts to seeing her beautiful daughter in her wedding dress:

A bride in a wedding gown smiles as she talks with her mother, who is wearing a chartreuse dress.

Jeremy gets ready for the first look with a note to Kyshia and his trademark cheap mirrored sunglasses (photos by James):

A groom holds a green envelope with his and his bride's names written on it above a stick figure drawing of them. Groomsmen are reflected in the lens of a pair of mirrored sunglasses hung in the groom's tuxedo pocket.

The first look was on the walkway to the docks at Station Square. Jeremy removes his shades before Kyshia walks up to greet him:

Groom removes his mirrored sunglasses as his smiling bride waits behind him to walk up for their first look before their Grand Concourse Wedding.

There’s a nice view of the city skyline from the walkway. They were so happy and excited for their wedding:

Bride and groom embrace on an elevated walkway at Station Square with the skyline of downtown Pittsburgh behind them.

Groom pulls his bride into his chest as they smile in dappled sunlight.

Jeremy’s brother drove us over to Point State Park for some portraits before the wedding ceremony. It was a beautiful day, so the park was filled with visitors:

Bride and groom are silhouetted on the walkway leading to Point State Park in Pittsburgh.

A toast before the wedding:

Groom and his groomsmen hold glasses of whiskey as they toast prior to his Grand Concourse Wedding.

What a fantastic setting! A classic scene from a Grand Concourse Wedding (next three photos by James):

Guests stand on the ground floor of a large, golden-hued, ornate room as the bride and groom are married on the stairway above them. A classic scene during a Grand Concourse Wedding.

Kyshia’s mom watches from her seat at the bottom of the staircase:

Bride's mother looks up at her daughter and son-in-law are married on the stairway above her at the Grand Concourse Wedding.

The couple turns to look at their guests:

Bride and groom smile as they turn to look at their guests from atop a grand staircase. The reverend's hand is resting on the groom's shoulder.

Jeremy smiles as Kyshia wipes away a tear while they exchange vows:

A bride and groom hold hands as they face each other while exchanging wedding vows. The bride wipes a tear away as her groom smiles at her.A bride and groom smile as they face their white-robed, and white-haired reverend during their Grand Concourse Wedding.

I love the view from the steps above the landing. The stained glass windows fill the room with golden light:

A bride and groom exchange a kiss atop a staircase as their guests applaud. The room is lit from above them by a large, flower-shaped stained glass window.

After the ceremony, we went out to the Smithfield Street Bridge for some photos. The high clouds and setting sun had a lovely soft but directional quality:

A bride and groom are framed by the yellow gate at the end of the Smithfield Street Bridge in Pittsburgh as they walk hand in hand.

Kyshia looked fantastic with her veil blowing in the gentle breeze from the Monongahela River:

A bride looks to the right as her veil blows in the wind with the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad behind her.

The couple had their first dance as their bridal party stood around them. Nate Da Phat Barber did a great job DJ’ing the wedding. I always enjoy working with him:

Seen from above, a bride and groom share their first dance in front of their bridal party.

Teamwork: Kyshia holds a plate to catch the piece of cake as Jeremy cuts:

A bride holds a plate as the groom cuts their white-iced cake.

Let the dancing begin!

A bride faces left while dancing with three blond friends wearing black dresses.Framed by other guests, a woman dances with her hands on her hips during a Grand Concourse Wedding reception.

Kyshia and her little sister dance together. The fans were a nice touch, because it was HOT!

A bride laughs and holds a fan while dancing with her sister who also holds a fan and wears a chartreuse dress.

Over by the donut robot (yes, it’s a real thing and it’s amazing!) Jeremy played a tabletop game of basketball:

Groom plays a table top basketball game called Ball Shoot with guests during his wedding reception. Behind him is the donut making robot at the Grand Concourse.

Such a happy couple 🙂

Bride and groom look at each other and laugh while dancing. The groom holds a copper cup with a Moscow Mule in it.

The single ladies waited below as Kyshia tossed the bouquet from the staircase:

Standing on a staircase, a bride tosses her bouquet to single women waiting on the floor below her.

The last photo from a terrific Grand Concourse Wedding!

A groom kisses his smiling bride on the cheek as he embraces her on a balcony high above their Grand Concourse Wedding reception.


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