Grand Concourse Wedding

Susan and Jason got ready at the beautiful Fairmont Pittsburgh hotel before their Grand Concourse wedding on a lovely late spring day. They’d planned their wedding from out of town, so it was very helpful to have professionals like the folks at the Fairmont and especially Brian at the Grand Concourse to lean on. As it turned out, the day went so smoothly that it seemed to fly past.

bride and groom pose for a portrait at the top of the stairs of the Fairmont Pittsburgh

Getting Ready at the Fairmont

Susan’s maid of honor helps her put on a pearl necklace.

A bridesmaid helps the bride put on a pearl necklace while getting ready for her wedding at the Fairmont Pittsburgh

A bride and her maid of honor hug at the Fairmont Pittsburgh

First Look

Susan got very emotional when she saw Jason standing in the little park outside of the Fairmont where they had their first look.

A bride wipes tears away as she prepares to see her groom for the first time in the small park outside of the Fairmont Pittsburgh

Bride and groom embrace during their first look in the small park next to the Fairmont Pittsburgh

Bride and groom in the small park next to the Fairmont Pittsburgh

The light was shining through the windows at the Fairmont making a cool color that I thought was a perfect compliment to the big art piece behind the front desk. Add a beautiful bride, and viola!

Bride poses for a striking portrait in front of the artwork behind the front desk of the Fairmont Pittsburgh

Bride and groom sit in the window of the Fairmont Pittsburgh before their wedding on a warm, sunny spring afternoon.

The Grand Concourse

We arrived at the Grand Concourse in plenty of time for the ceremony, so we went up to the third floor for some portraits.

Bride poses for a portrait in the Grand Concourse

Susan and Jason’s sister share a moment before the ceremony.

Bride and bridesmaid hold hands prior to her wedding at the Grand concourse

The bridesmaids provided cover for Susan so that the guests wouldn’t see her before the ceremony.

bride hides from her guests behind a wall of bridesmaids at the Grand Concourse

Bridesmaids look out of the second floor window as the wedding guests assemble below them at the Grand Concourse

Susan’s grandmother paused for a moment to touch the photo of Susan’s late mother as she lit a candle in tribute.

Grandmother lights a candle in memory of her daughter, the bride's mother at the Grand Concourse

The Ceremony

Susan and her dad get ready to walk down the stairs to the landing where the ceremony was held.

Bride and her father wait to walk down the staircase at the Grand Concourse

Father of the bride pulls the veil from his daughter's face at the Grand Concourse

The couple took a moment to honor their parents.

Bride and groom look at their parents who stand at the bottom of the stairs at the Grand Concourse

Groom looks at his bride during their wedding ceremony at the Grand Concourse

As usual, I felt it was important to be as close to the action as I could be without being a distraction. It’s times like this that it’s so important to have a second photographer that I can count on.

Bride says her vows during a wedding ceremony at the top of the stairs at the Grand Concourse

Which you can see in this wonderful photo by Lisa of two little girls standing at the bottom of the stairs as they took a cue from the couple.

little girls mimic the bride and groom by holding hands during the wedding ceremony

bride and groom have their first kiss at the top of the stairs at the Grand Concourse

The Reception

First dance with color provided by the big stained glass window at the Grand Concourse and the DJ’s lights.

Bride and groom during the first dance

We went up to the Smithfield Street Bridge for some photos around sunset. The ladies had some fun.

Bride and maid of honor dance on the sidewalk along the Smithfield Street Bridge

Bride and groom laugh while cutting the cake at the Grand Concourse

Grandma owned the dance floor (Lisa’s photo)

Grandma dances during the wedding reception at the Grand Concourse

Dancing guests during a wedding at the Grand Concourse

Bride throws the bouquet from the stairs of the grand concourse

Ouch! (Lisa’s photo)

Women fighting for the bouquet during a wedding at the grand concourse

Bride and groom stand on the Smithfield Street with the sun setting over the Monongahela River.

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