Hotel Monaco Wedding

Margaret and Andrew’s Hotel Monaco Wedding:
Bride and groom seated at a table in front of two green cabinets

If you believe the narrative about the Post-Gazette and the Tribune-Review being mortal enemies you would be forgiven for thinking that Margaret and Andrew might have ended up as star-crossed lovers.

Not so. The fact of the matter is that the folks on the ground – reporters and photographers – actually respect each other and there are many friendships to go along with the rivalry. These two have moved on from all of that, though. Both are now enjoying successful careers in the media in Washington, DC. But Pittsburgh is where it all began, so this is where they returned to be married.

I worked with Margaret at the Trib and was so happy when she called me to ask if I was available to photograph their wedding at the Hotel Monaco. It’s a hip, unique, and beautiful new venue in downtown Pittsburgh. When they booked me it hadn’t yet opened, so I was thrilled to photograph one of the first weddings at the hotel.

Getting Ready

Hotel Monaco sign, vintage watch, and flowers at a wedding

Above: Margaret’s bouquet and a vintage wristwatch passed down through the generations and engraved with the date in which the men in his family were married.

Below: Margaret’s dress complemented her tall and elegant figure perfectly.

A bride turns to see the back of her dress as she looks in the mirror.closeup photo of a groom looking at a Starbuck's coffee cup with the word "Groom" printed on it.

Margeret’s bridesmaid Sadie (ace reporter for the Wall Street Journal) takes a photo with her iPhone.

A woman uses her iPhone to take a photo of her friend who is dressing for her wedding

Margaret and her mom share a happy moment.

a bride and her mother hold hands as they look at each other prior to the daughter's wedding

Andrew and his mom embrace.

a mother hugs her son before his wedding

Andrew and his side of the bridal party play a board game while they wait for the call to head downstairs.

a groom and his bridal party play a board game before the wedding.a groom adjusts his jacket and boutonierre

Tim, the officiant for the day (another WSJ reporter), showed up with a few glasses of whiskey to propose a toast.

groom and groomsmen raise their whiskey glasses in a toast


The Ceremony

Margaret waits for the ceremony to begin.

a bride is reflected in a mirror as she stands before a windowpeople turn to watch a bride and her father walk down the aisle

The ceremony took place in the hallway between the two ballrooms at the Hotel Monaco. The wedding ceremony took place in the morning and was followed by a brunch reception. That meant that there was plenty of beautiful light for the ceremony.

wedding in the grand hallway at the Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh

Tim is another Trib alumni. He got his internet ordination so that he could officiate Margaret and Andrew’s wedding. When you ask a reporter to officiate your wedding, you’re going to get a story. He told the guests how Margaret and Andrew’s romance came to be.

The officiant cracks a joke during a wedding ceremonya little boy looks away from the action during a wedding ceremonybride and groom walk down the aisle after their wedding ceremony

A moment alone just after the ceremony.

bride and groom hug just after their wedding ceremony


It was a little windy on the roof of the hotel. I caught the veil before it got too far 🙂

bride's veil flies off in the wind as she stands next to a skyscraper

First we went to Mellon Square Park. It’s been rehabilitated after falling into disrepair over the years.

bride and groom look at each other in Mellon Square Park

Back to the Hotel Monaco.

Bride and groom stand on a checkerboard floor in the Hotel Monaco

Cutting the cake.

Bride and groom feed each other cake during their wedding reception

I’m looking forward to my next Hotel Monaco Wedding coming up later this year. Update: here’s the link, check it out!