Man was this church dark! Mt. Lebanon Methodist Church is a wonderful setting for a wedding, but the lighting leaves a lot to be desired on a dark, rainy day.

The photographer is only allowed to go as far as the balcony overhang, so I had to stay back with a long lens.

Once off of the altar the light really falls off. Something like 4 stops or so. Even at ISO 3200 I was only shooting at 1/100 at f/3.5. I put a flash on the camera and balanced the flash exposure with the ambient light behind. Focus tracked flawlessly and the image held up extremely well. Props to Nikon.

It’s not all darkness, the portico on the Scott Road side is a great place for portraits.

There are a lot more great images from this wedding. I’ll post some more (maybe) as I continue editing. This was a quick post, I was kind of excited about just how well the new camera performed under some really difficult circumstances and wanted to share.