For some reason I thought the engagement party at the Pittsburgh Hilton Garden Inn at Southpointe on Sunday would be a small, low-key affair.

Who knows? Maybe it was because I’d already shot two weddings this weekend and my brain wasn’t fully functional.

How wrong I was. This was a huge event with hundreds of guests.

You can always count on two things at Indian weddings and the related events:

1 – There will be a TON of great food.

2 – There will be dancing.

In fact, once the ceremonies are over and the DJ starts spinning the bhangra beats the dance floor is immediately filled to capacity. Everybody is grooving – young, old, in-between.

And, folks, that’s the way it should be!


The groom-to-be gets down with his buddies after the formal ceremony.

The couple exchange rings at the end of the formal engagement ceremony.

A group of ladies gather on stage to sing traditional songs to the couple.
Like I said, these guys know how to have fun.