About Me

“The most elegant news photographer that I’ve ever met.” – NY Times best-selling author Bill Bryson

OK, so I photographed Bill Bryson and he really said that to me.  But I had a nice suit on and, well, news photographers aren’t usually the sharpest dressed folks out there.  Who am I to turn down a compliment, though?

For a big part of my career I was a photojournalist at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  What a terrific profession newspaper photography is! You meet all kinds of folks in every walk of life. There’s probably no better way to get to know a community and the stories of the people who live in it.

Speaking of stories, a wedding has all the elements for a great one – characters, personality, feelings and emotions, drama – they’re all wrapped up in your big day! I love to make my clients happy by delivering a collection of photographs that are so meaningful and special to them.  Hugs and tears are encouraged:)

Check out the video for more about moment-driven, storytelling wedding photography:

What I Do: I deliver freshnatural images that tell the story of your wedding day.

 Fresh means when I photograph your wedding your photos aren’t going to look like anyone else’s.  You’re a singular individual and your wedding photos are going to be about who you are and what you felt like.  Sure, we do the formal photos and group shots – those are important. But for most of the day, I prefer to let the couple – who you are, what you’re feeling, and your relationships with your loved ones – be my guide. That’s where the natural comes in. The result is a collection of photographs that are personal and unique, and that you’ll value for the rest of your lives.

Pricing: Collections are customized to meet your individual needs. Please contact me for a complete pricing guide.

Feel free to call me at 412-999-7363. You can also email me at joe at joeappelphotography.com with any questions or if you’d like to set up a consultation.

Here are a few professional associations that I belong to:

Professional Photographers of America:
Member, Professional Photographers of America

ILEA – an organization promoting education, professionalism and best practices for event professionals:





Fearless Photographers – A tough photo contest to win, but also a directory featuring some of the finest wedding photographers from around the world:







International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) – a peer-reviewed directory of the best wedding photographers in the world. “It was created by professional photographers to raise the standards of the wedding photography profession.” – ISPWP

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