It’s been a fun summer. I’ve said it before, but I’m blessed to have the privilege to photograph the weddings of some terrific couples.

Last Saturday we journeyed to Belle Vernon, Monongahela, and West Newton to photograph the wedding of Jamie and Gavin.

This is Jamie. She’s a fun person to be around. You can tell by looking at the picture, can’t you?
Bride Preparation Photos

These are Jamie’s friends. They’re fun people, too.
Bride with Cigars

I love doing shots of the bride getting ready. It’s always an atmosphere of energy and anticipation. A little food, a little wine, and everybody is happy and ready to head to the church (or wherever the ceremony is to be held) for the wedding. Nice.

This photo was taken in the back yard of Jamie’s parent’s house in Belle Vernon. Who knew that part of Western Pennsylvania looked like the south of France?
Bride Grapevines

Jamie’s dad’s grapevines are in the background of the photo above. In fact, he made the wine that was served at the reception. It was a very nice personal touch.
wedding rings wine bottle

I’ve got some fun posts planned from this wedding. In them I’ll talk about the dangers of birdseed and bouquet toss safety;-)