Summit Inn Wedding

After shooting Jenna and Chris’ engagement session this past summer, I was very excited about photographing their Summit Inn wedding.  They are so fun-loving and affectionate towards each other that I knew it was going to be a great time.  I was right!

Although they live in Pittsburgh they decided to have their wedding in Farmington, in the Laurel Highlands of Fayette County.  The ceremony was at the Jumonville Chapel, an old church made of cut sandstone, and the reception was at the beautiful Summit Inn.

We were with them all day long, but had so much fun that the time seemed to fly by.

Getting Ready

Stefanie helps Jenna with her wedding dress.

Chris’ sister Kate helps him with his tie (Jasmine’s photo).

The girls crowd in to see Jenna in her dress.

Each of the members of Chris’ side of the party got a special flask, so they put them to use (Jasmine’s photo).

Jenna’s mom Peggy got a little emotional when she saw how beautiful her daughter looked.

Kate found a handy place to keep her flask (Jasmine’s photo).

What a fantastic smile!  Jenna is so beautiful.

Whyel Chapel

Jasmine told me that the reason the guys were walking funny was they were scuffing in their new shoes so they wouldn’t slip and fall!

Jenna and her dad Dave ride to the church in the back of the limo.

Hmm.  The view from above was impressive.

Some details.

Chris heads over to the chapel (Jasmine’s photo).

Jenna’s parents share a sweet moment before the ceremony.

Chris watches as Jenna walks down the aisle.

Jasmine’s photo below.

Jenna and Chris mixed soil from their family homes as part of the ceremony.

They were having a great time up there!


I love the light in this one from Jasmine.


As the sun was setting, we hurried up and headed over to nearby Jumonville Glen for portraits.

One by Jasmine.

One from me.

Jenna did this when I told her to make Chris smile as I took his portrait.  It worked:)

I love this one from Jasmine.

Summit Inn Reception

More details.


First dance (by Jasmine).

Dave dances with Jenna, and Chris dances with his mom Colleen (father/daughter mother/son dances by Jasmine).

Eric Scheimer did a great job making sure that everyone had fun on the dance floor.

The competition was fierce (Jasmine’s photo).

Jasmine’s photo below.

Chris’ grandma Nellie gets the kids together as everyone sings a traditional Polish song (Jasmine’s photo).

What a hat!

Last dance.

This Summit Inn Wedding was lots of fun. Here’s another wedding that I think you’ll enjoy.