I’ve just started going through the photos from Kristin and Justin’s wedding on Saturday. It was a wonderful day and I’ll be posting more pictures through the week.

As far as weather goes, the last Saturday in May turned out to be the nicest one.

This was my first reception aboard the Gateway Clipper, and cruising up and down the rivers was a nice way to spend the evening. There were a lot of folks from out of town here for the wedding and the city looked magnificent from the river.

With the sun setting over the Ohio River, I coaxed Kristin and Justin outside for just one more photo.

gateway clipper wedding

Thanks you two for being good sports and stepping away from the Pens game for a few minutes for this picture.

A big thanks also goes out to groomsman Dane for volunteering to be my light stand.

The save of the day goes to my assistant Caroline for going above and beyond the call of duty by not only saving my car from being towed from in front of Heinz Chapel, but actually talking the police into not ticketing me for expired registration. (Took care of that with the DMV today!)