I’m jumping the order a little bit, but I just had to share this photo from Mackenzie and Chris’ wedding last night.

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Wedding

After nearly a year of construction, the new public art project in the walled garden at Mellon Park was unveiled last night.  It features fiber optic lighting in a pattern that mimics the stars above Pittsburgh on the evening of Ann Katharine Seamans‘ birth in 1979.  By a complete stroke of luck, the event coincided with Mackenzie and Chris’ wedding celebration being held at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.  The tie-in is that Mackenzie and Chris donated the star “Electra” to the project.  They were thrilled to see the garden lit up on their wedding night.

This was a pretty difficult shot to get.  I had been thinking about it since Chris and Mackenzie told me about it.  I stood on a wall for a higher angle and held a 1.3 second exposure on my Nikon D700 at ISO 6400 to get the stars.  Caroline stood off to the left with a radio slaved flash to illuminate the couple.  They were real troopers, standing still as I shot a bunch of photos adjusting the lighting and exposure.  Thanks!

Check back in a couple of weeks for the full blog post from the wedding.