I’ve finished with the proofs of Mackenzie and Matt’s wedding from last Saturday. There were a lot of really wonderful images to choose from.

Today I’ll post a couple from the ceremony. Later in the week I’ll share some more from the reception.

The ceremony was at St. Richard parish in Richland Twp. I’ve written before about modern churches, and how I’m a traditionalist. But one thing I like about a modern church is that you can usually find an angle to get a view of the bride and groom from the side or front – something that is not often possible with the traditional cruciform layout.

This church posed a challenge with a blue stained glass window directly behind the altar. Added to that, the tungsten lighting that illuminated the front of that altar where all of the action took place, large windows on the side of the church and skylights all really kept me on my toes!

A challenge to be sure, but the combination of the big window with its red and blue sections, and the tungsten spot lights on the couple provided some really vibrant colors when shooting from the side:

Here’s a view from the back of the church:

Lighting on the altar of any church isn’t a problem when we’re doing formal shots because I use flashes to light the scene. That is something that isn’t possible during a ceremony, but if you take the scene as a whole there are some pretty interesting ways to interpret it and come up with beautiful pictures that are unique to the particular church.