She said yes! Rance popped the big question to Nora when they got engaged after a marriage proposal in Pittsburgh at Phipps Conservatory.

A young man and woman stand together beneath a tunnel of Christmas lights while she shows off her engagement ring.

It seems like the holidays is THE time for engagements. There are marriage proposals happening all over the world during the weeks around Christmas and New Years. It was great to work with Rance to make sure that their big moment was documented. This one was a little different in that he asked if I could do video of the actual proposal and then a portrait session afterwards. I’ll add that at the end of the post, so check it out!

Cuban Heritage

A young couple sits together in the front seat of an old blue and white taxi in the Cuba exhibit at Phipps Conservatory.

Nora’s family comes from Cuba, so Rance wanted to propose in a spot that would have meaning to her: The Cuba exhibit at Phipps’ Tropical Forest.

A black haired young woman brushes the face of her fiance as they stand together amongst Christmas light decorations.

After the proposal we went outside where the lights from the Phipps Holiday Magic! exhibit was on full display.

A young woman hugs her grandmother, who is starting to cry, after the young woman became engaged.

Nora hugs her abuela. There were some happy tears being shed.

A young woman in a gray sweater hugs her father as her mother looks on.

Nora celebrates with her parents. Everyone but Nora was in on the surprise.


A young couple embrace after they became engaged to be married. The young man lifts the young woman off of her feet.

We took a few minutes to do some portraits around Phipps. These are a couple of my favorites. The light display gave the evening darkness some depth and interest.

A silhouette of a young couple in front of Christmas lights at Phipps Conservatory after their marriage proposal in Pittsburgh.

It’s hard to be romantic when it seems like everybody who lives in, or is visiting, Pittsburgh is in one place. But Rance and Nora found a romantic moment even though there were 35 million people within 100 yards of them (I may be exaggerating a little 😉).

Video of this Marriage Proposal in Pittsburgh

Here’s a short video of this Marriage Proposal in Pittsburgh. It’s a lot of fun, and judging by her choice of words Nora was totally surprised🤣

What’s Next

After the proposal things get real. You’ve got a wedding to plan!

First things first, you’ll be thinking about when you’d like to have the wedding. That and what sort of feel fits with your personalities will help you to come up with a short list of venues. Those are the first things you’re going to want to get booked. I encourage you to study the venues pages on my website for ideas. You’ll find a ton of resources there.

After that’s settled then you’re going to want to get your vendors lined up. Although it might sound like I’m biased the first vendor after the the venue and caterer is usually the photographer. I invite you to give me a call because, well, I can help with that 😄I can also help you find other vendors who will make your vision come to life.