Last Friday, I covered the debate between the candidates in the upcoming mayoral election in Pittsburgh. It was fun to listen to the candidates spar with each other, but really the race is Luke Ravenstahl’s to lose so there were a lot of verbal attacks directed at him by the other two guys.

The debate was sponsored by the League of Women Voters and held at KDKA‘s television studios. Before the debate, I was watching the candidates trying to gauge their mood. Mayor Ravenstahl alternated between talking and laughing with a group of his staffers and walking by himself in the back of the studio seemingly collecting his thoughts prior to the debate.

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl

When the candidates took the stage for the live-to-tape debate they were a heck of a lot more friendly with one another than they were just a few minutes later.

Franco Dok Harris, Kevin Acklin, and Luke Ravenstahl

Franco "Dok" Harris, Kevin Acklin, and Luke Ravenstahl

It’s kind of interesting that Pittsburgh has a reputation for being a city with an older population, yet the three men vying to be Mayor are 30 (Harris), 33 (Acklin), and 29 (Ravenstahl).