National Aviary Wedding Photography

National Aviary Wedding Photography: From a wedding in West Virginia we go to a wedding of West Virginians here in Pittsburgh. I’ve been looking forward to sharing the photos from Erica and Stephen‘s wedding for quite a while now. It was a beautiful summer day and they’re such a sweet, expressive couple who are so obviously in love with one another.

bride and groom on the north side of pittsburgh as the sun sets behind them

Getting Ready

Erica’s mother Gale looks on as Erica puts her makeup on at the Westin Convention Center hotel.

a bride is reflected in a mirror as her mother looks on

Stephen and the guys got ready a couple of floors down (Lisa’s photo).

a groom puts on his vest while getting ready for his weddingcloseup photo of a wedding gown being buttoned

Erica looked so lovely in her lace wedding gown.

a bride stands as her mother and her bridesmaids look ona bride embraces her mother after getting her wedding dress onportrait of a beautiful young brunette bride

An Emotion-filled First Look

The first look was set for the water feature underneath the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. It was a lovely, emotional moment.

a collage of photos of a first look between a bride and groom on their wedding day

There was time for a couple of quick portraits before we went down to the riverfront for some bridal party photos.

portrait of a bride and groom on the walkway beneath the David L. Lawrence Convention Centerportrait of a bride as her veil blows in the wind

Outdoor Wedding at the Aviary

The wedding and reception were at the National Aviary on the North Side. Erica and her dad Joe waited in the doorway of the gift shop for their turn to walk down the aisle.

a bride smiles at her dad before they walk down the aisle during her wedding

Lisa’s photo.

a groom smiles as he sees his bride walk towards him

The light was pretty amazing for Erica and Stephen’s ceremony.

bride and groom smile as they stand together as they say their vows

Stephen’s grandfather James had a few quiet words of wisdom for the couple before giving a reading from Mark Twain’s “A Marriage.” You can see the emotion on their faces as a tear forms on Erica’s eye.

A tear forms in the eye of a bride as she stands next to her groom during their wedding ceremony National Aviary Wedding Photographybeautiful light on a bride and groom during their wedding ceremony

Reverend David Anderson performed the ceremony. Erica just couldn’t hold back the tears of joy! (Lisa’s photo).

a bride cries as she says her vows

The MetLife blimp made an appearance high above as the couple exchanged vows.

the goodyear blimp flies above a weddinga bride and groom share their first kiss as man and wife

Reception Beneath the Tent

The reception was held under a tent on the patio behind the Aviary. It was a perfect night for dancing.

a bride and groom dance during their reception beneath a tent

Erica and her dad.

a bride hugs her father as they dance

Stephen and his mom, Kim.

a groom's mother holds her arms out as she walks towards him

The dancing was pretty intense! (Lisa’s photo).

an older wedding guest plays air guitara wedding guest break dancesa young boy dances with his mother during a wedding reception on the north side of pittsburgha bride is illuminated on the dance floor during her wedding receptiona man and woman make funny faces at each other as they dance during a wedding receptiona bride and groom dance during their wedding reception

The last song of the evening was Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” which was very energetically danced to 😄

a bride and groom bang their heads and play air guitar to a Queen song during their wedding reception


This National Aviary Wedding was so great. Here’s another outdoor wedding that you’ll enjoy.

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