New York City Engagement Photos

engaged couple laughs as they kiss in central park

New York City Engagement Portraits: I love New York City.

My wife and kids and I visit New York at least once a year.  Our family vacation is split between visiting relatives in Babylon, Long Island, and enjoying the lovely beaches there and a few days in Manhattan. While I love to travel, I kind of hate to feel like a tourist – even if that’s what I am.   A number of my clients live there and return to Pittsburgh for their weddings.  This year I had the opportunity to do some portraits while in the city. It gave me a sense of purpose as I went about town.  I liked it 🙂

Locations that Matter

Whenever possible, I try to meet my couples before their wedding.  Like a lot of my clients living out of town, Arielle and Jeremy booked me after corresponding through email and a meeting over the phone.  So I was really looking forward to getting to know them a little better during our engagement portrait session.

Arielle and Jeremy had it all planned out. They were my guides as we went to many of the locations in Manhattan that are important to them as a couple.  I loved seeing the city through their eyes.

The New York that They Know

We started at the bar that they met at, Professor Thom’s.  Really, two kids from Pittsburgh had to go all the way to the East Village in New York City to meet and fall in love!  They stood out to each other because they were both wearing Steeler’s jerseys in a place that draws a crowd of Red Sox, Patriots and University of Michigan fans.

young couple smile and laugh as they enjoy a drink in a bar

From Professor Thom’s we headed to Central Park.

Central Park

This will forever be known as “The Love Rock” because that’s just what Arielle and Jeremy realized they were feeling as they listened to a concert in the park sitting here.

a couple sit together on a rock in new york city central park

We walked further into Central Park for more photos.  When I prepared these photos for this post, I realized that in none of them are they aware of the camera.  While I might suggest that a couple stand somewhere, or walk, or turn and face each other, I’m still looking for a moment.  A natural spark that shows the spirit of their love.  It was pretty easy to find with these two.

a couple share an intimate moment in a public space in central parksilhouette of a couple dancing beneath the stairs in central park as a man plays flute a beautiful woman in a red dress with her boyfriend on a path in central parka couple looks at each other as they walk through new york city

Portraits After Dark

We wrapped up after the sun had set.  Since I was traveling light, I had a bare minimum of gear with me. It was liberating. I had to think hard about what my composition was going to be because my choices were limited when it came to lighting.  I love this photo (and the first photo in this post) because of its simplicity. That and the fact that it’s all about the moment between Arielle and Jeremy.

a couple embrace while standing near the fountain in central park after sunset

While I really enjoyed the New York City engagement photos, I’m very excited about their wedding at the William Penn Hotel in a few weeks!