Phipps Outdoor Wedding

Yuanyuan and Simon are another 2020 couple that had to wait for 2021. Let’s face it, it hasn’t been easy for anybody – especially two people with as much going on in their lives and careers as these folks. But their Phipps outdoor wedding was truly worth the wait.

A bride holds on to her groom's arm. He's wearing a blue suit and she a white dress.

Simon and Yuanyuan both have style. I just love the dragonfly design on the back of Simon’s vest.

Detail photos from an outdoor wedding at Phipps Conservatory. Blue is the dominant color of the table coverings and the sky. The flowers are purple.

I got there early and the crew at Phipps had already set out much of the details as well as the seats in the outdoor garden.

Detail photos of a flower attached to a chair, a white wedding dress and shoes, and a small wooden decoration with blue stones.

A few more details, including Yuanyuan’s dress and shoes.

First Look

Details of a bride wearing a white dress. The scooped back accentuates her figure while the thin straps make for an elegant front.

Yuanyuan looked so beautiful! The dress reflected her elegance perfectly.
A groom adjusts his tie while wearing a blue suit before his outdoor wedding at Phipps.

Simon had a custom three-piece suit for the occasion.

A series of photos from a first look before an outdoor wedding at Phipps. The bride walks up behind her groom and taps him on the shoulder. He turns and they embrace.

Such a beautiful moment.Portrait of a bride and groom during their Phipps outdoor wedding.

A quick portrait before the wedding ceremony.

Phipps Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

A groom walks towards the outdoor garden at the beginning of his Phipps outdoor wedding.

Simon and his guys made their way to the front of the Outdoor Garden first.

A bride walks through the outdoor garden at the beginning of her wedding at Phipps.

Then Yuanyuan came in from the other side.

A collection of triangles forms the backdrop as a couple exchange wedding vows during their phipps outdoor wedding.

The screen of an iPad shows the scene from a Phipps outdoor wedding that as it is livestreamed.

It’s still a pandemic, so many folks couldn’t make the ceremony in person. Not to worry, the staff at Phipps live streamed the event for people around the world.

A bride and groom exchange personal vows during their Phipps outdoor wedding.

A groom smiles as he reads his vows during a Phipps outdoor wedding.

The couple exchanged handwritten vows.

A bride has a look of shock as she realizes that the best man has forgotten the rings during a Phipps outdoor wedding.

I really felt for this guy! It wasn’t his fault but when he brought the ring box up it was empty! The couple (OK, it was Simon) had forgotten to transfer the rings into the special box for the ceremony. I love the look on the face of Mark from A Simple Vow

A couple hands their wedding rings to a bride and groom who forgot theirs during a ceremony.

Not to worry though, some married friends jumped up to lend their rings for the ceremony.

A bride puts a wedding ring on her groom during a Phipps outdoor wedding.

The rings fit!

A groom bows as he and his bride face their guests at the end of a Phipps outdoor wedding.

A bride and groom laugh as they recess from their Phipps outdoor wedding.

Post Ceremony

A bride and her bridesmaids laugh as she tries to put a wedding ring on the finger of her groom at Phipps.

The real rings arrived just after the ceremony.

Portraits of a bride and groom after their Phipps outdoor wedding including one where the couple is under the bride's veil.

A few portraits before the reception.

Detail photos from a wedding in the tent at the outdoor garden at Phipps.

Some more details from the tables including some great photos from their engagement session. I love to see my pictures being used and enjoyed!

Streamers and Edison light bulbs above the sweetheart table in the outdoor garden at Phipps. The bride's bouquet on a bench.

Reception in the Tent from the Outdoor Garden

A bride and groom hold hands as they are introduced at their Phipps outdoor wedding.

The couple made their entrance and went right into their first dance. It was wonderfully choreographed. They sent me a video of their practice dance which was super helpful. I was able to anticipate the dip. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed it because I’m in the wrong place.

A bride and groom share a first dance in the tent in the outdoor garden at Phipps.

Two photos of a bride and groom's first dance including the dip at the end.

There’s the dip! Couples: send your photographer a video – it helps so much!

A bride and groom cut their lavender colored wedding cake.

Cut that cake!

A bride and groom react to speeches from their maid of honor and best man.

Toasts from the best man and maid of honor.

Guests fill bags at the cookie table during a Phipps outdoor wedding.

Cookie tables are back, y’all!

A bride and groom toast with their guests at their Phipps outdoor wedding.

Lunchtime weddings are great. I love them. There was no dancing but plenty of time to enjoy a wonderful meal and visit with each other.

A bride and groom walk together after their Phipps outdoor wedding

Thank you guys! For more information about weddings at Phipps, outdoors and indoors just click on this link.