Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel Wedding

From a warm mid-summer wedding to one that was photographed at the chilly end of the year around New Years, here is Erica and Mack’s Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel Wedding.

Like a friend of mine said the last time we golfed together, “Joe, you’re all over the place.” 😀 But one thing you’ll see is that just like Lauren and Tom, these folks know how to have fun. I am grateful to my dear friend, the terrific photographer Rebecca Kiger for helping me out on this one.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day.

A young couple embraces in front of a stone wall. She wears a fur stole and looks at the camera while leaning into his chest. He wears a black tuxedo and has his eyes closed as his forehead touches hers.

Getting Ready: Girls at the Hotel, Guys at Home

The girls got ready at the Renaissance.

Two photos: The first shows a bride in her dressing gown popping open a bottle of champagne in her outstretched arms. The second one shows a group of seven women in dressing gowns laughing as they hold plastic glasses filled with champagne in front of a large window.A woman wearing a dressing gown stands in silhouette in a doorway leading to a deck outside of a hotel suite.

Mack winds his watch while getting dressed at his parent’s house in Highland Park.

A tall young man wearing tuxedo pants and a vest stands in a doorway as he winds his wristwatch.

Thank goodness for YouTube or the pocket squares would have never been folded correctly.

Two photos: The first shows a mobile phone with a video of how to fold a pocket square in the foreground while a man folds a pocket square in the background. The second one shows four young men around a table folding pocket squares.

Some details include an heirloom pearl necklace, a fabulous pearl and silk flower clutch, and Badgley and Mischka shoes.

Two photos: A vintage box containing a string of cultured pearls. The second photo shows a pearl and diamond brooch.Two photos: First one is an embroidered handkerchief with blue and white flowers surrounding the letter E. The second is a clutch handbag with pearls, crystals and silk flowers.Badgley and Mischka open toed shoes seen from above while on a circular chair cushion.

Erica’s fur stole was the perfect winter wedding accessory.

A bride laughs as she buttons her fur stole while standing in a brightly lit hotel room.

Erica and her mom share a tender moment.

A bride wearing a fur stole stands with her mother wearing black who holds both of her daughter's hands while kissing them.

On to the Church

The ladies leave the Renaissance at about the same time the guys arrive at St. Raphael in Morningside.

Two photos: A bride wearing a white dress and a fur stole walks out of the gold doors at the front of the Renaissance Hotel in Pittsburgh with her bridesmaids who wear black dresses. The second photo shows a tuxedo clad groom and his groomsmen walking into St. Raphael church in Stanton Heights.

Mack and Erica exchanged notes. They read them at just about the exact same time in different places in the church.

Two photos: In each of the photos the bride and groom read notes that they wrote to one another.

Mack and his best man, his twin brother Jake, join the priest for a prayer before the ceremony.

Seen through a doorway, a groom and his twin brother cross themselves while saying a prayer with a priest in white and light blue vestments prior to the groom's wedding ceremony.

Erica sheds some happy tears as she waits for the ceremony to begin with her maid of honor.

A bride holds her bouquet as she stands in a dark room with her bridesmaid who is wearing a dress with a sequined top.

Erica walked down the aisle with her mom while Mack was all smiles.

Two photos: A bride and her mother hold hands as they walk down the aisle of a church with stained glass windows behind them. The second photo shows a groom smiling as he looks towards the left side of the frame at his bride (unseen) walking towards him.A couple seen in the lower left side of the frame smiles and looks at each other with a statue of a saint behind them. The rest of the frame has stained glass and reflected lights.

St. Raphael was still decorated for Christmas. It’s a beautiful church.

Bride and groom smile as they sit together on an altar. Lighted Christmas trees are behind them and a poinsettia is in the foreground. The maid of honor sits to the left of the bride.

Exchanging vows at the altar.

As the priest on the right side of the frame reads from a folder, a bride looks at her groom (his back to the camera) as she holds his hands while exchanging vows.

A groom smiles at his bride as they exchange vows. The groom's twin stands behind him.

As a bride and groom hold both hands while facing each other a priest stands behind them applauding after pronouncing them as man and wife.The interior of St. Raphael parish in Stanton Heights with a bride and groom standing in the center as they exchange vows.

The couple receives a blessing.

A priest's hand is raised above a kneeling couple as he blesses them after they exchanged wedding vows.

Moving in for their first kiss!

A bride reaches her right arm around the neck of her groom as they move in for a kiss at the end of their wedding ceremony.Bride and groom smile and hold hands as they walk down the aisle of St. Raphael parish as man and wife.

A guest blows a bubble…

A man's eyes open wide as he focuses on the bubble he's blowing at the end of a wedding.

While the couple arrives at the doors of the church.

A bride and groom arrive at the door of the church after their wedding and are greeted by their cheering guests who are blowing bubbles.

Off to Frick Park

Erica and Mack singing on the limo bus.

Seen from below, a bride and groom sing to each other as they ride in a limousine bus. The groom holds a bottle of beer in his left hand.

A big, happy group of bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Fun group photos of wedding parties. On the right a large group of black tuxedoed groomsmen gather around the groom. One of the groomsmen kisses the groom on the cheek. In the other photo a group of black-dressed bridesmaids holding red rose bouquets gather around a bride holding a bouquet of white flowers.

Erica gets Mack with a snowball.

A groom turns his face as his bride smashes a snowball in his face as her bridesmaids laugh.

A portrait beneath the arch at the gatehouse at Frick Park.

A beautiful rimlight surrounds a couple as they embrace in the twilight.

black and white portrait of a bride and groom touching foreheads as they embrace. The groom is facing away from the camera but you can see the bride's smile.

A walk on the path on a crisp winter day. I’ve got to hand it to Erica and Mack – they were excited to be outside for portraits even though it was chilly.

A bride and groom hold hands and look at each other as they walk down a gravel path next to a split rail fence on one side and a snow dusted forest glade on the other in Frick Park.

Back to the Renaissance

Some details at the reception. From a Christmas tree-themed escort table to lush red roses on the tables, it was an elegant Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel Wedding.

Three photos: first one is of two small Christmas trees with tags on them showing seating assignments for guests. The second one shows an elegant table setting with a tall gold vase containing red and white roses at a Renaissance Hotel Pittsburgh wedding. The third is a closeup of the centerpieces in a small bud vase.Two photos: A closeup of white orchids on a table centerpiece. The second is a three tiered wedding cake topped by red roses.

It wouldn’t be a Pittsburgh wedding without a cookie table. Pizzelles always make me think of Christmas.

Two photos of cookies on a cookie table at a western pennsylvania wedding.

We stopped at the Roberto Clemente Bridge on our way to the Renaissance for a portrait at dusk.

A bride looks back at her groom as he holds her from behind in front of the Roberto Clemente Bridge. The skyline of downtown Pittsburgh is behind the bridge.

An enthusiastic entrance into the reception.

A groom holds his hand out and yells as he and the bride are introduced into their Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel Wedding.

Erica and Mack had a dance set before sitting down to dinner. It was a great way to get everyone in the mood to party.

A bride holds her left arm into the air and smiles as she walks through a crowd of guests at her wedding.A bride and groom dance as they are surrounded by their guests. The one on the left looks to the sky and points up.A groomsman dances and smiles while a bunch of hands point towards him.Seen from above, a bride looks to the left of the frame and dances.A groom dances in the foreground of the frame while guests surround him.Crowded dance floor with many smiling people close together.Purple, red, and blue lights shine on a group of people smiling and dancing together at a Renaissance Pittsburgh hotel wedding.A bride and her bridesmaid hold their hands to their sides and shimmy on the dance floor during a wedding.

Erica and Mack share their first dance.

A spotlight in a dark room illuminates a bride and groom as they share their first dance.A woman yells and claps her hands in the air as she dances with a man who wears blue sunglasses that have LED lights on them.A beer foams over in a grooms hand while a guest with a surprised look on his face points at it.Three people hold their hands out as a man wearing a black vest and bow tie limbo dances beneath them.

Mack and his brothers had a great time!

Three tuxedoed brothers, the middle one the groom, laugh and dance together at a Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel Wedding.A bride holds her hand out in front of her as she dances in front of a group of cheering guests at her wedding reception.A bride and groom share a kiss on the dance floor at the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel during their wedding reception.

I love New Years weddings. Thanks for having us along for all of the fun 🙂

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