Small Intimate Weddings Pittsburgh

Hey, let’s talk about small and intimate weddings in Pittsburgh!

A bride and groom hold hands and exchange vows in front of a tree at Point State Park during their small, intimate wedding in Pittsburgh

Trend Towards Small Intimate Weddings

The Coronavirus and COVID-19 have changed life as we knew it. This is especially true in terms of weddings. Here in Pittsburgh we are seeing more small and intimate weddings. This is a trend that I believe will continue for a number of reasons, including the pandemic.

Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

Think about it. One of the biggest sources of stress that I’ve heard from couples over the years is how to keep their guest list to a manageable level. My wife and I had a small wedding and it was really, really difficult to pare the guest list down. I had friends from college that I hadn’t seen in a few years who unfortunately didn’t make the cut. It wasn’t because we weren’t still friends but we’d kind of lost touch in our busy lives. So the choice was a little easier. Everyone who’s put a guest list together knows the feeling: if I invite Bob then I’ve got to invite Justin and Bill, too. And their dates. Pretty soon your list is twice the size of what your venue or budget can handle.

A bride and groom kneel at the altar during their small and intimate wedding ceremony at St. Louise de Marillac in Bethel Park.

With an intimate wedding of close family and friends you get to spend meaningful time with those folks who you love most. You can always have a big blowout BBQ picnic for your first anniversary where you can invite everyone that you want!

What Your Day Might Look Like

With a small and intimate wedding there are any number of venues in Pittsburgh that you can consider that would otherwise be out of the question. Imagine having your wedding at your favorite bar or restaurant. You can share your favorite dishes and drinks with your guests. Sounds pretty good, right? Or maybe you want to hike up to Coopers Rock or head down to Point State Park and exchange vows in a brief-but-meaningful ceremony. A whole new world of options for personalizing your event are opened up for you with a small and intimate wedding. I’ve photographed quite a few backyard weddings since 2020, and they’ve been fabulous!

A bride and groom exchange vows during their outdoor intimate wedding.

A bride and groom at a banquet table filled with their guests are lit by candles.

Here’s a link to Alex and Steve’s back yard wedding that had 20 people for an awesome catered dinner on the back porch.

Let’s not forget about front yards because they’re great places, too!

Sarah and Tim exchanged vows in the middle of a circle of their families and closest friends. When you’re at home you can do whatever you want!

Photography Coverage

With a wedding that is being shared with the folks who are closest to you the photography ought to reflect the feelings of those relationships. Documentary-style wedding photography with an emphasis on storytelling images fits so well with small and intimate weddings. Sure, coverage includes portraits and family formals but it goes beyond that. Except for posing for portraits I don’t tell you what to do or try to stage manage what’s going on. You’ll get great portraits then you can just go about your day and enjoy the love and company of your family and close friends. Just give me a call or get in touch via the comment form and we can talk more about that.

Investment in Coverage for Small Intimate Weddings in Pittsburgh

Over the years couples have inquired about the cost and availability of coverage of small and intimate weddings in Pittsburgh. To make things easy I’ve posted the cost and availability below:


Here’s a great example of a small, intimate wedding that I photographed at Point State Park in Pittsburgh: Sarah and Kenton


Here’s a handy list of resources for planning small intimate weddings in Pittsburgh. I’ll be updating it as I get more information from friends who are wedding planners, venues, bakers, DJ’s, caterers – just about anyone you’ll need to help bring your vision to life.

  • Luxury Micro Weddings is an interesting new concept that I’m excited to be a part of. This was an idea that was in the works before the pandemic and has become even more relevant. It’s a one-stop shop that makes it super-easy to plan your wedding.
  • Just a note to let you know that I’ve moved this to my general pricing info. Please ask for updated pricing.
  • Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, Roost is now offering several different minimalist wedding packages.