Southpointe Golf Club Wedding Photography

Southpointe Golf Club Wedding Photography: I’ll say this about Erin and Kurt; they are very kind people who really know how to throw a party!

We had a wonderful time with them, their families and friends throughout the entire day.  It can’t be easy planning a wedding while living in one city and having it in a different one, but they had Erin Calvimontes of Divine Celebrations in their corner to make sure that everything was perfect.  She did a great job!

Getting Ready

Erin got ready at the new Homewood Suites at Southpointe.  She had plenty of help from her best friends Erin and Dana.

Caroline was with the guys as they got ready.  I thought it was kind of funny when both Kurt and Erin took on the role of photographer:

Erin’s niece Claire was the flower girl.  Isn’t she cute?

Even her toenails are cute.

I guess that Kurt’s dad Ted didn’t like the breath spray that Kurt’s brother gave him!

Kurt’s best man Evan brought along a little bit of Jameson’s just in case it was needed.  I love Matt the groomsman’s reaction! (Caroline’s photo)

The girls were watching from their room 😂

Erin and her mom, Peg.

Saint Thomas More

The girls rode to St. Thomas More in Bethel Park in a huge party bus that had an interior light show.  They were very relaxed, as you can see 😎

The guys were a bit more serious. (next two by Caroline)

The girls waited outside of the church in the bus until it was time to go in.

Erin’s uncle Patrick looks at a photo of his parents on display in the back of the church. (Caroline’s photo)

Claire’s brother Sam is every bit as cute as she is!

Erin’s uncle Patrick walked her down the aisle…

…where Peg waited to bring Erin and Kurt together. (Caroline’s photo)

The windows at the back of the church are beautiful – so was Erin!

Duquesne Incline

We took a trip to the Duquesne Incline for some photos.

Reception at Southpointe Golf Club

Some details include flowers, cookies and heart-shaped candies, and somebody’s glasses.

Another group of details shows off Erin and Kurt’s ivory and blue color scheme.

 The room looked fantastic!

First up, Erin and Kurt shared a dance just after entering the room.

Caroline’s found a great angle.

Claire and Sam were first in line for wedding cake.

Next up were some toasts.

Then Erin danced with her mom Peg.

Then Kurt danced with his mom, Genny.

We caught the last few rays of the sun when we went outside for a portrait or two.

Kurts parents are very good dancers!

Floating Lanterns

The bridal party went outside at the end of the evening and launched lanterns into the night sky.  It was a beautiful way to end the day!

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