Succop Conservancy Wedding

Jessica and Jess’ Succop Conservancy wedding took place on a wonderful late summer evening. The couple traveled from their home in San Francisco to be married near her hometown of Pittsburgh. The wedding was attended by friends and family from all ends of the country.

Bride smiles as groom wraps his arms around her and kisses her cheek.

Jessica and Jess walk towards each other before heading down the aisle together.

A bride and groom approach each other before entering their wedding ceremony at the Succop Conservancy.

It was a sweet moment that really shows the co-equal nature of their relationship.

A bride and groom join hands as they prepare to walk into their wedding ceremony together.

The ceremony was held in front of the pond with big, beautiful willow tree as a background.

An overall photo of an outdoor Succop Conservancy wedding beneath a huge willow tree.

The couple watched as a couple of talented friends performed a song.

An Indian couple sings a song in the foreground as a wedding couple stands in the background.

Lisa’s photo.

Groom looks back over his shoulder as they listen to friends perform a song during their wedding ceremony.

This being Western PA, there’s always a chance that it’s going to rain during an outdoor ceremony. Jessica and Jess were prepared with an umbrella. Jess didn’t seem too impressed 😄

A couple stands beneath an umbrella as the groom sticks his hand out to test the rain during their wedding ceremony.

Their guests and bridesmaids just toughed it out.

Wedding guests and bridesmaids laugh as rain falls on them during a Succop Conservancy wedding.

Jess got a little emotional while reading his vows (Lisa’s photo). It was a beautiful moment that shows just how emotionally invested he was in the ceremony.

A groom fights back tears as he says his vows to his bride as they stand under an umbrella.

The rain didn’t last too long. By the end of the ceremony the umbrella was put away.

A bride raises her hand in celebration at the end of their wedding ceremony. The background is filled with bright yellow sunflowers.

After the rain stopped, the light got really beautiful.

Bride and groom face each other while standing in a field in the soft light of a rainy afternoon.

The Reception

The cake cutting was inside the mansion (Lisa’s photos). Something about buttercream icing and hot summer weather makes air conditioning a must.

Bride makes a funny face at her groom as she holds a piece of cake out to her groom.A bride and groom kiss after cutting the cake at their Succop Conservancy wedding

Jessica’s mom gave a very moving speech. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. It can get hard to shoot when you’re wiping away tears.

a bride cries as her mother offers a toast. Then they embrace.

Then it was time for the first dance. Jess and Jessica had the dancefloor to themselves.

Bride and groom share their first dance as a band plays in the background.

The grounds around the Succop Conservancy are so lovely. We went back out for a few more portraits around sunset.

A couple stands facing each other in a field during their Succop Conservancy wedding.

One of the great things about having a Succop Conservancy wedding is that there are so many possibilities for activities that guests can enjoy around the grounds. There was a fire for roasting marshmallows…

A young couple smiles as the man places a marshmallow on the end of a stick before toasting it.

…and lawn games!

A young boy and an older man battle with giant inflatable bowling pins during a Succop Conservancy wedding.

After the sun went down there was plenty of dancing.

Bride and groom embrace as they dance together at their wedding reception.

Such a beautiful evening out in the Butler County countryside. I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer weekend.

Dramatic night skies above the pavilion at the Succop Conservancy on a summer evening.


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