Succop Conservancy Wedding

Photos from Jesica and David’s Succop Conservancy Wedding.

A newlywed couple stands in front of a large, red barn at sunset.

Talk about fate intervening: Jes and David went to the same university in North Carolina. They even rode the same bus most mornings, but never really met. A few years passed and they both ended up in Boston, where unbeknownst to either of them they were neighbors. One evening Jes showed up on David’s porch, uninvited, while he was getting ready for a barbecue. They immediately recognized one another and the rest, well, led them to Succop Conservancy last summer.

Like I said in my last post, I’m incredibly fortunate to work with people who are so open to sharing their love with each other, with their families, and friends. It’s a joy to be able to tell their story and to be included in their love and joy.

Getting Ready

Jes shares a toast with her mom Jacque and her sister Alyssa.

A bride embraces her sister and mother as they drink a toast.

Jes and her dad Bob share a laugh in the old house at the Succop.

A bride throws up her arms as she greets her father.

Meanwhile, David wrote his vows (Lisa’s photo)

A groom quietly writes his wedding vows while seated next to a window.

Jes looked so beautiful in her gown from Luna Boutique in Sewickley.

A bride is reflected in the glass of a picture hanging on the wall as she stands by a window.

Jes greets her grandfather Ed as Jacque looks on.

A bride greets her elderly grandfather as her mother looks on.

An Outdoor Ceremony

Little brothers! David’s niece and nephew Cora and Jude were the “Flower Kids” for the ceremony.

A little boy picks his nose while standing next to his big sister

Bob and Jes were cracking each other up the whole way down the aisle.

A bride and her father laugh as they walk down the aisle together at her wedding.

Jes and David exchange an emotional glance as she is presented by Bob and Jacque.

A bride looks at her groom as she stands with her parents.

Wide shot of an outdoor wedding taking place beneath a willow tree.

Jude holds his dad Jon’s hand as Charlene, the officiant, addresses the couple.

A little boy sucks his thumb as a bride and groom listen to the reverend during their wedding ceremony.

A lovely moment during the ceremony (Lisa’s photo)

A bride and groom hold hands and look at each other.

A tear falls down Jes’ cheek as she and David exchange vows.

A tear drop forms on the cheek of a bride as she recites her vows.

There was lots of laughter during the ceremony (Lisa’s photo)

A bride laughs as she puts the ring on her groom.A bride and groom walk through a field after their wedding ceremony.

One of my favorite portraits from just after the ceremony.

A bride and groom embrace after their wedding ceremony.

The Reception

I guess this is why they call it a sweetheart table (Lisa’s photo)

A bride kisses her husband's hand as they sit at their table during their wedding reception.

First dance.

A bride and groom laugh as they have their first dance.

High-five! (Lisa’s photo)

A bride and groom exchange high-fives after their first dance.

Jes and Bob dance to “The Cover of the Rolling Stone” by Dr. Hook. It was a song that they’d listen to and sing together as Bob would drive Jes to school when she was a young girl.

A bride and her father share a dance during her wedding reception.A father embraces his daughter during her wedding reception.

Keeping with the picnic feeling of the reception, there were games available for the guests to play.

Wedding guests play a game of cornhole as the sun sets behind them.

(Next two photos by Lisa)

The pavilion at The Succop Conservancy in Butler County, Pennsylvania is filled with dancers at sunset.

And lots of dancing.

Female wedding guests dance together as one of them holds her hands in the air.An older couple laugh heartily as they share a dance during a wedding reception.A groom sings along with a song during his wedding reception.

As the dance circle formed, Jacque busted out her favorite moves.

The mother of the bride dances in the middle of a circle during her daughter's wedding reception.

The worm!

A man does the worm as he dances in the middle of a circle at a wedding reception.

David learned that there are risks involved if you’re going to break dance!

A groom holds his knee in pain after attempting to break dance during his wedding reception.

It didn’t take him long to recover. He and his brother Chris must have been big fans of “House Party” when they were kids.

A groom and his brother kick their legs together as they dance during a wedding reception.A bride and groom, sweaty and unkempt after a night of dancing, embrace at the end of their wedding reception.

One Last Portrait

Details can tell an important part of the story. This stained glass window was from the church that Jes’ parents and grandparents were married in. The family acquired it when the church was torn down. They used it as the backdrop for their ceremony, but I thought it might make an interesting picture once the evening drew to a close. It was the last photo of the evening.

Silhouette of a couple in front of a stained glass window.

I hope that you enjoyed this fantastic Succop Conservancy Wedding. Here’s another one you’ll like.